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    Midcoast Greetings

    Greetings WCP, Long time no post, but still consumed with paddling. I actually car topped a SOF to Seattle Aug 2016, and paddled in the Sound, launched at Dash Point. My back was blew out unfortunately. I still haunt the fresh water, ran into some fellow paddlers on a solo trip in the A.I...
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    West Greenland Kayak S&G Kits

    Whoa.. that's not even really "a kit" then.. nevermind :| A buddy butcher paper traced another buddies betsie out to full size plans and built it. It's nice. You could do the same thing against a SOF of greenland lines. Just an optional thought
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    West Greenland Kayak S&G Kits

    CLC still has the Arctic Hawk kit.. That is western greenland.. Mark Rogers the Arctic Hawk designer is also selling several kits now... both East and West styles. http://www.superiorkayaks.com/
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    Some news about AstoriaDave

    Re: Some sad news about AstoriaDave My first postings on a forum on anykind was the Folbot Forum. I'm glad you were there Dave. You were friendly, readily willing to share, and I'm sure you saved me pain and $$. (Too spend somewhere else.) Your presence here on the WCP made it a most...
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    Tent Take Down - Fold & Roll, or Cram? Which is Better?

    for the hubbahubba I like fold/roll. Setup and takedown are very fast, nothing every snags.. I used to stuff/cram. But I found in inclement weather I could set up easier under a tarp if everything was packed neatly. I stuff my tarp rain fly.
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    Viewing Hatch bottom on the build?

    you probably already checked the CLC builders forum? Lot of adventuresome builders on there. J
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    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE? - February 2011

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    SOF Build

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    SOF Build

    http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/c ... othane.php Aerothane... it is very rubbery. I donated the purple boat to a symposium fund raiser.
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    Who would be interested in this type of kayak?

    Nope, you are building an electric boat.. I'm not saying it won't be cool :cool .. but it is not a kayak...kayaks are propelled by an integrated propulsion/navigation system that farts and burps.. :P I probably wouldn't buy one.
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    SOF Build

    Doug, I like this stuff. http://www.mcmaster.com/#leather-belts/=albeq5 I use the 5/16 round I don't peg it. I just drill the holes in the gunnels (it's nice to drill before you skin) to size. After the skin is on I melt through with a soldering iron and cut the leather belt so the end is...
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    If you could paddle any one place, where would it be?

    If I could just figure out how to talk a bunch of folks into giving me their money so I could go do it. That's what I admire most about expeditioners..their fund raising prowess.
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    SOF Build

    :clap: Is it wet yet? How's it roll?
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    If you could paddle any one place, where would it be?

    No camping for me, I would want a mother ship for this outing. Panama had the biggest snakes and spiders I ever saw. Not to mention mean monkeys, crocodiles, giant crabs... iguana. It was fun to explore the jungle, I just wouldn't want to sleep there. I did know a group who camped on motor...
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    If you could paddle any one place, where would it be?

    Gatun Lake.. about as far south as you can get an still be in the North American continent ... I lived in the PCZ four years.. in the 70's . always wanted to go back... doubt I ever will... Gatun was a fascinating body of water...
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    If you could paddle any one place, where would it be?

    This North American Freshwater Lake.. recognize it?
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    Best Sunset Pics

    Re: Best Sunset Pics of 2010 Sun(rise) 2010 Solstice
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    Feasability study

    this guys website has some photos of his three piece VCP where you can see somewhat it's attachment construction. http://marcusdemuth.com/3piece.aspx
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    can you do the 'roll'?

    Alana .. I recommend you start doing the whole motion of the forward finishing sweep roll. You probably are doing the roll already. :cool I would say you have no muscle memory because the motion is nothing we would do in real life but forward finish roll a qajaq. You need to find the motion...