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  1. Jill

    Warning about possible $340 ticket at Border Crossing

    They are checking for invasive, zebra and quagga fresh water mussels. There are inspection stations along the BC Alberta border as well. All boats including stand up paddle boards go through inspection.
  2. Jill

    Kyuquot Sound, Vancouver Island, BC 1-11 June 2016

    Thanks Alex, always enjoy your trip reports!
  3. Jill

    Packing for trips

    I list and category too, I use bigger dry bags , blue bag clothes, yellow and orange bag food, green sleeping bag ect. I use a Tupperware box for the kitchen stuff. The food planning is the hardest for me !
  4. Jill

    Sea to Sky Marine Trail Opening Ceremony!

    Thanks for all the hard work!!! I'm going to have to go and check it out.
  5. Jill

    2015 WCP Spring Campout - NEW DATE!

    Phillip, you have the best encounters with wildlife!! that was great.
  6. Jill

    2015 WCP Spring Campout - NEW DATE!

    Thanks Sheila,.... thinking of you Gary, and life goes on......
  7. Jill

    2015 WCP Spring Campout - NEW DATE!

    Was looking good until, my mom fell and cracked 4 ribs and punctured a lung. Fun and no games at my house now......... I need a sitter so I can go kayaking!!
  8. Jill

    Wanted: a small quantity of System 3 Silvertip slow cure

    Try coast fibre tek. On Boundry rd by the freeway, they have lots of products and advice. I personally don't think you need silver tip for your project. Also MEC sells a cold cure for repairs in small quantities.
  9. Jill

    How many other women are here?

    I check in once and a while, but I lurk too !
  10. Jill


    That's a lot of crap thanks for cleaning it up.
  11. Jill

    WANTED Canoe Wheels

    Rent them from Beckers, ...some people dont care for for Lother's personality, but I like him cut, dry, no crap.And he really funny if you GET him.
  12. Jill

    looking for Ross Lake, WA recommendations - camping/sights

    Re: looking for Ross Lake, WA recommendations - camping/sigh I was camping at Hozomeen 2 years ago July 1. Basically you cross over the "Border/no Border no problem ''. There is a Ranger hut /shack , that has back country permits. very easy questions to fill out. , although there is a spot for...
  13. Jill

    How NOT to build a SOF Kayak

    It turned out great! Hows the rolling?
  14. Jill

    Looking for yellow shock cord

    Michaels stores has these colors no Yellow though.......This unfinished bungee cord is 4.8 meters (16’) long and 5mm in gauge. Available in the following colours: •Black / White •White / Black •Orange / Red •Green / Purple •Royal Blue / White •Turquoise / Black / Gray •White / Blue •Dark Gray...
  15. Jill

    Baja California - A spectacular 30 days of kayaking

    I'm in lets go!!
  16. Jill

    Skin On Frame For Me!

    Wow, the frame is so beautiful. All that work and hours..... looks so fine !
  17. Jill

    Pool Sessions

    I sent you a PM.
  18. Jill

    Pool Sessions

    I would be interested !
  19. Jill

    Boat snobs and fishing kayaks

    LOL!! thats so awesome!!
  20. Jill

    Puffin Cove

    I have the book Puffin Cove by Neil Carey. I really must read it again. What a beautiful place.