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  1. sbourgoin

    Camp Sites - US Waters

    Thanks for sharing this! Great to find some used sites. Looking forward to adventuring into Alaska in 2025!
  2. sbourgoin


    Has anyone explored using ChatGPT for route planning? This AI service could be an additional resource for planning.
  3. sbourgoin

    A September lap of Nootka

    Looks like you ended up having good weather. An excellent route and write up.
  4. sbourgoin

    Camp Sites - US Waters

    Has anyone come across a US equivalent of BC Marine Trails for Camp Sites? Looking for North of Prince Rupert into Glacier Bay and to Skagway. Cheers Thanks
  5. sbourgoin

    Planning a paddling trip in Kyuquot Sound/Checleset Bay.

    We were there in 2021 and found a pipe for a creek runoff near Bunsby...I'm pretty sure (large sandy beach/bay area)...also saw a wolf in this area. If you can leave early out of Fair Harbour it will work in your favour...very windy in the afternoon. Enjoy the large rafts of sea otters. Prepare...
  6. sbourgoin

    Coast Guard

    Yes...I am working on a detailed Float Plan to leave with a reliable person. I'll look into SAR contacts and add them to my phone.
  7. sbourgoin

    Coast Guard

    Good Morning, Just curious if anyone connects with the Coast Guard prior to a long trip (multi-week trips) and provides a float plan and details Wondering if I should consider this for my planning for my inside passage trip from Victoria to Skagway in 2024. I will have my inReach up and running...
  8. sbourgoin

    Long Distance Sea Kayak

    In the process of planning an Inside Passage trip from Victoria to Skagway and looking at getting a new kayak to take on this trip. I currently paddle a 17' Delta (orange, which I absolutely love paddling), but wondering if there are any recommendations or suggestions on an alternative kayak to...
  9. sbourgoin

    Nootka Island - August 20-26, 2023

    Just finished a 200km trip out of Tahsis and around Nootka Island. It included a quick trip around Catala and down to Estevan Point. Such an epic place to tour around...could have spent 2-weeks paddling in and around the West Coast! The wildlife was abundant including Sea Otters, Black Bears, a...
  10. sbourgoin

    Nootka Island Trip

    Evening, Heading out to Nootka Island August 20-27 to attempt a circumnavigation (counter-clockwise). Trying to decide on a launch location...considering Tahsis. Does anyone know about the long-term parking (cost, security)? Any recent travels down the road...any issues? Cheers, Shawn
  11. sbourgoin

    Launch for Broken Group - Getting to Secret Beach Campground - question about driving alternate route instead of Highway 4

    Drove the alternate route this past Sunday and the road was good. No huge pot holes. Strap kayaks down but allow for some minor movements and you should be good.
  12. sbourgoin

    Garmin inReach Explorer Activation & Learning

    I have finally activated my Garmin inReach Explorer, which I have owned for 8 years, but never activated. It's an older device but should serve the purpose. I'm planning a trip around Nootka in mid-August. Looking for a way to create a route and campsites...is there a way to link a BC Marine...
  13. sbourgoin

    Budget Template

    That’s great information! Thanks for sharing.
  14. sbourgoin

    Budget Template

    This will definitely be useful. John Kimantas books are a wealth of information. I am thankful to have 2 copies the BC Coastal Rec kayak atlas…one for on trips and the other kept pristine at home. Can’t seem to find this map book anywhere. Maybe a new and revised addition will be coming out one day.
  15. sbourgoin

    Broughton islands tides and currents

  16. sbourgoin

    Broughton islands tides and currents

  17. sbourgoin

    Broughton islands tides and currents

    Broughton is a great trip! If you can make it up to Burdwood Group...you won't be disappointed! Leave telegraph cove at low tide if you can and ride the tide out towards Blackney Passage. I also have a 2 part trip report from 2019 here on WCP that can give you some details. Enjoy!
  18. sbourgoin

    Budget Template

    Afternoon, I'm in the process of budgeting for my Victoria to Glacier Bay 2025 Expedition and I am curious if anyone has a budget template that they like using for a multi-week trip as well as a gear/supply/food list that you would be open to sharing? Anything that you can share would be...
  19. sbourgoin

    InReach Subscription

    Evening Looking to activate my Delorme InReach device. I’ve owned it for years but never activated it. Going on some bigger solo trips this summer and looking for a little piece of mind for those back home. Wondering if anyone knows of any discount codes or promos for activating or for a...
  20. sbourgoin

    Victoria to Alaska

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Cheers