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    Telegraph Cove

    There is a good camping spot in the Pearse Islands..been a while so exact location is hazy...it was a good site.
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    kayakers body found on Victoria beach

    I would say that all of the possibilities you mention for a traumatic neck injury are possible, including deadheads, and the rocky shore itself...I'm still puzzling over what happened...it seems very much an outlier risk scenario.
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    kayakers body found on Victoria beach

    February-06-18 It is with heavy hearts that his family and friends announce the tragic and sudden death of John Tyszka. John died in a kayaking accident, a pastime that he enjoyed for many many years. He was a very skilled paddler and shared his love of the outdoors and nature with many a...
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    kayakers body found on Victoria beach

    Here is the wind direction and speed on the two days...the paddler left Oak Bay Marina at around 12PM on Monday Jan 29, observations at Victoria Gonzales...put in was Oak Bay Marina... Note: 23 tens of degrees is 230 degrees, which is approximately SW Wind direction before Noon, was more...
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    kayakers body found on Victoria beach

    I am reliably informed that the paddler was an experienced ocean paddler, who died instantly of a traumatic neck injury, not from drowning.
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    Current Designs Pisces?

    Pisces has excellent secondary stability. I had a lot of fun in mine "in the day", very secure feeling. Very good tracking but not too hard to turn.
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    Truly waterproof glove recs?

    I like Outdoor Research Goretex mittens in extra large with nice liner, maybe wool.
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    What are your favourite knots?

    This is my favourite and most used knot...the ADJUSTABLE GRIP HITCH Super easy to tie. Grips tenaciously. Easy to untie. Can be "slipped" with a loop for rapid untying...great tarp knot. And will support full hammock weight while remaining adjustable...
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    Bioflame brand (from Rechochem) denatured alcohol is 90% ethanol, 10% isopropyl, and is less toxic than ethanol which has methanol in it. It works well in Trangia, with a less blue flame, and a hint of yellow (the isopropyl talking).. http://www.recochem.com/products/firepl ... hanol_fuel You...
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    How do you keep your perishables cold?

    It's also worth taking a nice big cotton towel that you can soak in seawater to drape over food - as the water evaporates slowly it cools actively the air below which sinks over the food. The old school canvas water containers that you hung from your car mirror operate on the same principle.
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    What Kind of Paddler Are You?

    I don't see Umbrella Sailor on the list...this could change as I am discovering leeboards...
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    Deer Group -$30Billion LNG Plant Agreement

    [ad hominem removed - ed.] Hey Outsider...you should take a few science courses before expounding on the wonders of carbon...Being a kayaker I thought maybe you might actually care about your "back yard". Don't you love that phrase "render uninhabitable"...as the ph slowly rises and the frog...
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    Kayak sailing, best sails, what traits make for a good boat?

    Re: Kayak sailing, best sails, what traits make for a good b I use a very large Gustbuster type golf umbrella. It is useful for rain around camp, while setting up or sitting and sun shading around camp in high UV situations, and will move my boats pretty nicely downwind and perhaps up to 30...
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    The Subo, a kayak sub! Really!!

    ..but,but...can you roll it up? Oh, wait...nevermind.
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    The Paddler's Inn to Powell River, Part 2

    Phillip...that was a most enjoyable trip report. Thanks!
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    How do you keep your perishables cold?

    The silver wine sacks used for drinking water can be frozen solid in the freezer prior to the trip (allowing for the expansion of freezing) and then kept for drinking water after a few days after they melt. Put into a dry bag at the bottom of soft cooler, they make a pretty good fridge for Day 1...
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    Fishing for dinner... Tips and tricks

    Picked up this Chinook trolling from my Necky Spike SOT at Rugged Point last year... On watermelon Coyote spoon, 40 inches behind Green Hotspot, with 8 oz weight. Still got some steaks in the freezer.
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    Rainbow Family of Living Light gathering at Raft Cove

    By the time I got to Raft Cove, we were half a hundred strong...spinning butterflies above our nation....