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    Cart Wheels, Air Filled or Solid?

    Anybody have any feedback on kayak carts? Have read some reviews online. We're looking at going in to Myrtle lake with them. Also be nice for Bowron. I was looking at the foam filled tire one. I have a large canoe also, so it should fit both. Thanks!
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    Bear Encounters - Interesting write up by one of us

    I was more curious about the werewolf howling. What is the season for werewolf howling where you live? I just assumed what I hear all the time are regular wolves...what should I be smoking before bedtime to be able to hear possible werewolves in the neighborhood??? :D
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    Kayaking with your dog

    I stay close to shore when I have a lapwarmer/dog on board. I wouldn't take her anywhere or in any weather where I'd need a sprayskirt...for two dogs it's a canoe or boat. Some dogs are meant to stay home. (some people should also stay home!)
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    Sleeping bags: down vs. synthetic

    I have both, but the nice thing about my synthetic girly bag is the room to move inside the bag-roll onto one side, roll onto the other, without torquing the whole bag into a snarled knot! My down bag is not designed for hips (but it is warmer-except of course where the hips press the insulation...
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    Rack Setup for my girlfriend

    What about the thule glide and set? Fits on factory roof racks of the highlander-question about loading boats back to front is that all the photos of the roof racks seem to assume the bow of the boat faces the front of the car. The glide parts, meant for the flat back bottom of the kayak, are...
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    Six years ago today...

    Thanks for the forum, all! It is especially thearaputic to those of us temporarily gibbled and unable to actually paddle for a while...Especially enjoyed the photos and trip stories from 'the lost season..'
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    Coastal Bears and Wolves

    These wild wolves would be located where?? I'd assume all wildlife that doesn't run away is habituated. Seeing them in your tent is always a dead giveaway too... (I was a treeplanter back in the dark ages...)
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    Step By Step Photo Organization and Tagging Method

    Have just got my first imac and dumped a few pictures from two cameras in there and played around a bit. Next effort to extract photos from laptop and get them onto imac. Perhaps a job for dear son?? Some of these photos were taken (according to camera!) in the year 2057! Should be fun filing...
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    Logging Flores Island

    I think they are still talking with the company and trying to work something out.
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    layering clothes for winter

    Paddling in winter can be fun in canoes or kayaks-just don't forget to watch the wind/ice conditions- I remember just about getting trapped once when some ice was blown in overnight.
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    Hot Deal on Inflatable PFDs

    Just remember if you are knocked out before you can pull the cord, it won't inflate.
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    large kayak

    Even my son and his size 13 feet will fit in my kodiak. Not that he will get in there after being scarred for life in a too-small kayak when he was younger...
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    Rack Setup for my girlfriend

    I've loaded my heavy plastic boat onto my son's borrowed toyota tercel by dragging it up over the hood (at home I assist with a sawhorse), a foam sleeping pad protected the hood-and then windshield -n.b. this was an old beater rust bucket, not a pristine matrix... I used rigid old bic sport rack...
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    Maligne Lake

    Get up early and be halfway down the lake before the tour boats start up in the morning! They start at 10am
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    Whale Capsizes Canoe: Massachusetts, USA

    Sorry-I see now it was a quote at the bottom of the page. Float planes are supposed to fly over their landing spot-to make sure no logs, or jet skis or other debris are not in the way...I don't know of any earplugs that could block that noise. I guess if you had a quiet one sneaking up from...
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    Whale Capsizes Canoe: Massachusetts, USA

    Dubside-I've got no idea what kind of earplugs you've got that can block out a floatplane-but send some my way! I'm surprised alcohol hasn't been brought up in this discussion, next to not wearing a life jacket, it's the next most common factor in boating related fatalities. To add to the...
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    Drysuits: Pros and Cons

    I don't roll in a canoe and I have to confess I don't roll in the kayaks either... damn near rolled a suzuki on an ice patch many years ago, but came to the end of it just in time to make the save.
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    Haida Gwaii circumnavigation June and July 2010

    Vicarious paddling-the perfect activity for the gibbled. Thanks for making this so accessable you guys...
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    Point & Shoot vs DSLR

    I might someday get a dslr, but I just love the small size (and cheap replacement cost) of the little guys. My tiny hp has had the retractable lens get stuck several times (salt spray, my guess), but it gets unstuck eventually and is working now. Just ordered a canon sd1200 for $99 last week. I...
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    Communications plan for Haida Gwaii trip

    What about a canned fog horn? In case of dense fog (or a garbage bear), it could come in handy.