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    Fireworks (Vancouver)

    A quick note for Marshall who was out with us on Saturday, stop rolling your kayak in False Creek...! http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-c ... creek.html
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    Celebration of lights 2012

    Sounds good pinefresh, drop me a pm or catch me on the water. I was at last night's show by Brazil and it was certainly a cut above Vietnam's. Got my canoe some new lights and a sign too...
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    Celebration of lights 2012

    Thanks Dan, unfortunately had my Prospector stolen off the shore of Bowen Island last fall so i've only got the Mackenzie left, guess I would have had to replace it at some point but still... total bummer for the fireworks this year not to be able to loan out a second canoe.
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    Celebration of lights 2012

    So how come no option to edit your own posts or our pictures here?
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    Celebration of lights 2012

    It was a pretty good show, not the best I've seen but Vietnam did produce a new technology that at least I've never seen before, I call it a dummy-dud, because it seemed to fizzle in the sky and then hit the water still burning as if by accident but then all of a sudden started spiraling and...
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    How not to tip a canoe

    3k up... it's pretty, but not very navigable.
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    Leaders of club trips must register their kayak

    I cant stand this Conservative government, even former Conservative party leaders hate Harper and his government. Nothing they do is ever based on sound public policy, only ideological motivations based on their agenda driven values of division and antagonism to meaningless ends.
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    Alex Morton Launches Petition

    Aye Captain....! http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columb ... :b34775336
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    2-Way Radios

    Americans can have 5W transmit on civilian GMRS radios... in Canada we're restricted to 1W transmit.
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    Kayaking and Staph infection?

    God bless canoes :big_thumb
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    well I for one always try to be thoughtful when I swear :D
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    I wonder if there are any god damn, bastardizing, bullshit language filters?
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    Whale Capsizes Canoe: Massachusetts, USA

    Typical first report from media, go for a headline grabber long before any facts are known. I suspect this story will be of most interest to those who never venture onto the water by blade of paddle. A seriously stupid headline... should have read "Canoeist killed during morning paddle"...
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    What to wear in the Broken Group Islands

    You dont need a dry suit for the Broken group in mid June, especially if your going to basecamp once there and not paddle in high winds or rough seas. The Broken group is for those who enjoy landscapes and nature, not for the worriers out to conquer a chosen circumnavigation in record breaking...
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    Looksha Elite Skook Test

    That is one beautiful looking craft.... Congrats!
  16. Monster

    Broughton questions

    HOLD THE PHONE...! Please do NOT get this Blackney advice wrong because kayakers die paddling this passage.. I said dont paddle it during the last half of the ebb tide. The time to paddle through Blackney Passage is during the last half of the big flood tide. As for the water, this is...
  17. Monster

    Broughton questions

    Water really depends on how long you plan you plan to be out there, if only a week you can carry your own water in. Over the space of nearly a month, I had to supply myself with rain water as there were no sources of fresh water throughout the archipelagos. As for tides charts, they are...
  18. Monster

    My FIRST Canoe!

    so lets have it... your excuses for saving a lousy $300 by not getting the ultralight layup?
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    My FIRST Canoe!

    I told told him to buy a kayak :doh: