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    Drips/runs before glassing

    Now that you have sanded them flush, I think the epoxy drips will blend in once all the plywood is saturated after fibreglassing. The wood flour drips will be noticeable, but those imperfections get muted as you add glass and varnish.
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    Fibreglass-over-plywood kayak moisture damage

    I believe it was stored out of the sun. Now that I look closer at it, the epoxy seems in good shape overall, so skipping the filler coat of epoxy is a good thought, thanks!
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    Fibreglass-over-plywood kayak moisture damage

    Looking for some advice on how to handle mold/rot that has developed in the wood under the fibreglass. I am refurbishing a pygmy coho by adding hatches, bulkheads, deck rigging, then refinishing. It was built 18 years ago but it was stored outside for a while. It has a clear finish so that...