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  1. GordB

    Tow line recommendations

    This is the only ready made one I use. I do have a 6 ft chunk of line tied to a SS biner attached to my front deck perimeter lines. basically for contact tows. I've tried just about everything available. Most either scare me or annoy me. These rejects have been tossed into a bin and pulled out...
  2. GordB

    And Now for a Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

    Re: And Now for a Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Program No No.. you can't have it. I want to live to retirement.
  3. GordB

    footwear for shell beaches etc

    I use neo booties. The hold well on if you are careful on foot placement, but do wear very fast. I'm limited by foot size to what I can wear in my boats. Ideally I'd prefer a water shoe with a much more solid sole. Alas it's not to be.
  4. GordB

    How do you carry your handheld radio?

    Here is a thought. A lot of us have water bladders in pouches attached to the back of our pfd's. Use a long tether attached to both the radio and pfd harness and stuff the radio in the pouch with your water bladder. When you need radio, grab the tether pull out and use. It's easy enough to get...
  5. GordB

    How do you carry your handheld radio?

    hmmm. Multi purpose antenna. sorry. I'm in that kind of mood
  6. GordB

    Shipping Boat's Overseas

    If you are to buy a boat here and ship back, be forewarned. The charges for shipping, if by air are exorbitant. Doesn't matter what the boat weighs, you will be charged for the volume it takes up in the aircraft. That volume has a weight equivalent. To calculate that weight equivalent multiply...
  7. GordB

    Goodbye west coast, I hardly knew ya'

    Sorry to see you go Mike Seeya Sunday for our last west coast paddle. Gord
  8. GordB

    Getting Ready for an April Trip to Quadra

    You can rent a drysuit. I believe that Kayak Academy does so, but I have no idea what they might charge.
  9. GordB

    seaward Quest vs Quest X3

    I used to have a Quest X3. Mine was a 20.5" beam. And yes I did measure it more than once as the difference was too much from published. Nasty tippy thing for me at the time ( it took a long time to get used to ), but what a rocket on the water. I recall asking Seaward about the discrepancy...
  10. GordB

    High or Low Angle Paddle Stroke

    MikeC is referring to a push, not from the arms but from the feet. Try it. Get in your boat, assume a proper paddlers box position. Now lock your arms so they will not move. Step on your foot peg aggressively whilst relaxing the other leg and your body will rotate. Your stroke is done with no...
  11. GordB

    Navtex Messages???

    It worked. Well sort of. I will have to use a patch cord to separate the phone from the radio as there is too much interference.
  12. GordB

    Navtex Messages???

    Hi Nootka Thanks. I would have never considered looking in that document. I'll give it a go in a few hrs and see what happens. Gord
  13. GordB

    Navtex Messages???

  14. GordB

    THR: NEW VID...

    Thanks. I'll have to get the helmet mount and suction cup for mine. I have the surf version.
  15. GordB

    THR: NEW VID...

    Great shots. What mounting systems did you use?
  16. GordB

    off shore kayaks on CList

    I seem to recall mikec paddling one of them. Even as accomplished as he is it seemed like a battle to make it turn.
  17. GordB

    Hikers Compass

    Just set the variation/declination of your orienteering unit to 0 and you can save a bit. Even if you are to use topo's, it's not such a big deal to add or subtract as needed. You would still have to do it with the marine charts.
  18. GordB

    Deception Pass camping in May 22nd.

    The interest was there. Made it as far as the border lineup. I ran out of patience. In an hour I may have moved 1/4 mile. I gave up and drove 20 minutes home and went back to bed. For those who did not run out of patience, How was it?
  19. GordB

    WCP spring campout 2010!!!!

    I like Deception Pass as well.. Lots of play, gorgeous park.
  20. GordB

    How many paddling days should I get from a Kokotat drysuit?

    I've had mine for 5 years. It leaks badly now ( aqua seal time again ). Still have the original wrist seals on it but have replace the neck three times. Main zipper is starting to fray quite a lot, but still mostly watertight. I have well over 300 uses on the thing, but too many pin...