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    A few days on the North Coast

    A canoeist would also say that you don't have to change hands....
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    2010 Necky Chatham 17 Hatch Covers

    I literally just replaced the hatches on my Chatham 18 this week, those should be same size as your 17. I picked up Kajak sport covers for the standard VCP sizes (41/22 oval and 19.5 round) from Ocean River in oak bay and they fit perfectly. Seaward Kayaks also carries valley replacements for...
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    Carrying water

    I use wine bags for my water carrying needs. You can pick them up for about 2 bucks at home hardware, they are clean, food grade, and have a good seal. I put them into a dollar store laundry net for a bit more abrasion resistance. They are tough even without the laundry net, I am still using...
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    What foods do you bring with you on long expeditions?

    Each into its own mesh bag. They don't leak easily, and the pour spout is actually quite handy. The mesh bag provides something that can easily be hung from a tree, and a little more protection from wear and tear. D
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    What foods do you bring with you on long expeditions?

    For water I bought a number of the wine-box bladders from Home hardware (about 3 bucks each and found in the homebrew aisle). I put those into a mesh laundry bag, with a hole cut out for the spout. Cheap and very durable, they will also form to the bottom of your hull. I have never had one...
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    Nikon 1 AW1

    Ok M2G you have had this for a while now, what are your thoughts after using? I've been running a D40x, but it rarely comes out of the dry bag for photos. With the adapter I could still run all my current glass on the AW1, but also have it run the water proof lens while paddling. Very tempted...
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    Another island speed record attempt

    Absolutely incredible. Anyone else have the feeling that this record is going to stand for a while?
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    Another island speed record attempt

    Frigging incredible, the guy is a machine. Still wondering what the story is behind the crack in his boat...
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    The weather was borderline...but it worked out so well....

    Re: The weather was borderline...but it worked out so well.. Great video Dunner! Music suited it perfectly.
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    Underdeck bag ?

    Yes, bought it off DarrenN last year and love it. I spent a lot of time practising with the system before I was satisfied that it wouldn't pose an entanglement issue during a wet exit. I too wear footwear without laces, but when I am on extended trips I do use a deck bag on the foredeck. I...
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    First Nation Bans Non-Native Boat Access

    Well that sucks. I wonder how they are planning to enforce their ban? Might have to make a few road trips towards the end of the month rather than paddling my usual waters.
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    Dionisio or Blackberry point or Wallace Island for camping?

    Re: Dionisio or Blackberry point or Wallace Island for campi Pirate's cove on Decourcy might also be worth looking at. Was there in mid april and had the entire campground to myself.
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    Underdeck bag ?

    I personally have both a northwater underdeck bag and a space where, on longer trips, I stow a 35l dry bag past my foot pedals. I also keep my pump stowed out of the way in my cockpit. The dry bag is secured with a strap out of the way and well past my feet (the cockpit in a chatham 18 is...
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    Side opening drybag with purge valve

    Chodups, no membrane purge on these but they might fit the bill for the small space... http://www.outdoorresearch.com/en/acces ... ag-3l.html Failing that you could try these: http://www.outdoorresearch.com/en/acces ... ck-5l.html I have one in the 15l, and the membrane purge works great. Finn
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    Nikon 1 AW1

    I am really interested to see how you like it M2G. I have been thinking about dumping the DSLR and going with something like this. Waterproof, shockproof and interchangable lenses....this thing looks like it was built for the abuse I would put it through!
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    Catching ripples

    Great video Dunner! Actually looks like it was a lot of fun, and a way to practice skills without a lot of risk.
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    Ross young surfing in monochrome.......

    Frigging awesome, have watched it a few times now...
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    Skeg Control

    Take a look at the location of the skeg control on the Necky Chatham. It is not too far off of my hip, which means I do not feel it with my knee, nor to I hit it with my knuckles.
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    Back seat comfort

    Freya kayaks naked?!
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    How to attach dry bag in cockpit

    Tried both, much prefer the foam. Like the fact that it has a spot for my pump (which I seem to use quite a lot as I learn). I'll keep an eye open for that northwater bag and grab one next time I see one. Really enjoying this boat so far. Transitioning from canoes has been a big step, but I...