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    paddle daytrips for newbies?

    I don't know Matt, I thought the entire discussion was entertaining. Thanks to Dan for clarifying the information. Another place that I've found that is good for novices is Jones Lake near Chilliwack. I think there's a write up in the paddling locations section of this site. Jones Lake is not...
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    Link to online album of pics of Pitt Lake circumnavigation.

    Two days? It looks like two campfires there. Wouldn't that make it three days? Did you paddle all the way to the top of the lake? I didn't notice any pictures of the north end of the lake. I love Pitt Lake. It's a beautiful place.
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    Skin-on-Frame Surfyak ('sofistry') - Design / Build

    Wow, that's one very interesting looking boat you have there Mick. And quite an interesting read through your progress. Thanks.
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    A Paddling Halloween!

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    Weekends on the water

    I just got back from padling up the Nikomekl River. I didn't know that it would be a good place to paddle until I saw it in the gallery, thanks for letting me know. I met some people in kayaks near the train bridge and told them about this site. They said they will check it out. Great stuff and...
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    Deas Slough album added to the site

    Great pictures! I have paddled deas slough before and its a great place. Your pictures make me think that I'm there right now. I looked at the broken group pictures and they are the wonderful. It makes me want to go there. I just started paddling a while ago and now it looks like I've got...