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  1. kisielk

    Has anyone been in contact with Joe O'Blenis recently?

    Bumping for visibility, I still have not been able to get in touch.
  2. kisielk

    Has anyone been in contact with Joe O'Blenis recently?

    I ordered a greenland paddle from Joe back in September and haven't heard back since. I tried emailing him a couple of times last month and also contacting him through his Facebook page but have not received any responses on either.
  3. kisielk

    Jericho Sailing Centre

    Does anyone else paddle (semi-)regularly from the Jericho Sailing Centre? I store my boat there and paddle fairly regularly, it would be nice to have some company or meet people for skills practice etc.
  4. kisielk

    My longest Sunday afternoon trip to date

    What I find interesting about those high speed paddlers is how much splashing / spray there is from their paddle stroke.
  5. kisielk

    Friday July 16 - Sunday July 18 in the Southern Gulf Islands.

    I think I’d be out almost every weekend if I didn’t have to take the ferry!
  6. kisielk

    WTB: NDK Romany

    Have one on order from blue dog
  7. kisielk

    Friday July 16 - Sunday July 18 in the Southern Gulf Islands.

    I did not, just showed up there the morning of, right when they opened. We stayed at the Smonećten campsite right by the ferry terminal the night before. We had a few other backup options but they would have taken more time and driving.
  8. kisielk

    Friday July 16 - Sunday July 18 in the Southern Gulf Islands.

    We set off from Pacifica Paddle Sports in Canoe Cove, North Saanich, which lets you launch for a very reasonable $11.50 flat fee from a very nice launch ramp right out the back of their shop. That includes visitor parking for as many night as you need so it's a very good option for getting out...
  9. kisielk

    WTB: NDK Romany

    Looking for an NDK Romany.. if you've got one sitting around that's not getting use, let me know!
  10. kisielk

    Whither Sea Kayaking?

    I don't think Sea Kayaking will ever be cool till you can look good doing it. Mountain biking, climbing, skiing you can look like a badass. Paddleboarding you can wear shorts or a bikini. For sea kayaking you wear some kind of bloated outfit that hides your body from the sun and you end up...
  11. kisielk

    A loss to the paddling community: Ecomarine goes under

    @kayakwriter thanks a lot. Now I just need to find somewhere to store my kayaks on short notice...
  12. kisielk

    A loss to the paddling community: Ecomarine goes under

    I just got the news via email from the lawyers as I’m driving back from Canmore. Really sad. Ecomarine is what got me into kayaking and I’ve taken a number of courses with them, most recently a rolling course just last month. I’ve rented a pair of kayak racks from them for over 10 years now...
  13. kisielk

    Long Harbour ,Salt Springs Island launch site

    Has anyone done this lately? We're planning on bringing our kayaks over on carts from tsawassen and using this launch. Curious if it's still possible.
  14. kisielk

    Kokatat Neck Gasket Jig in Vancouver?

  15. kisielk

    Camping within one (reasonable) paddle from False Creek?

    I also paddle from Granville Island. I've paddled to Halkett Bay before and also have done Keats Island from Horseshoe Bay, it would be doable in a (longish) day from False Creek.
  16. kisielk

    New paddle club and kayak storage in false creek

    Any mention of what the rates would be for storage?
  17. kisielk

    MSR Dromedary Working Capacities

    That's been my experience with the bags as well. I filled a 5 L and a couple of 10 L as much as I could on a recent trip. I managed to fill around four 1 L Nalgene bottles from the 5 L bag and around seven from the 10 L. While on the topic of the MSR bags, does anyone else notice the water...
  18. kisielk

    Strait of Georgia Marine Forecast

    Wow, you're right. Sorry I doubted. That's a pretty messed up way to make a website...
  19. kisielk

    Strait of Georgia Marine Forecast

    That doesn't seem right, I don't think they'd change the layout of the websites based on whether the forecasts are the same or different?
  20. kisielk

    Strait of Georgia Marine Forecast

    The page here only has one link for all of Strait of Georgia: https://weather.gc.ca/marine/region_e.html?mapID=02 I remember last time I paddled on the Sunshine Coast there was definitely a different forecast for the part of the strait south vs. north of Nanaimo, different conditions forecast...