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    Wanted: Werner high angle paddle 210

    I have a 2-piece 230 cm Werner Kalliste with bent shaft I'll trade for a 2-piece 210 cm Werner bent shaft of some sort. I'm in Duncan, BC.
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    SOLD! - Valley Aquanaut for sale southern Vancouver Island

    Rotomolded red Valley Aquanaut HV for sale in Victoria, BC area. 17'6" long, 22.5" wide. Fun, great to paddle, lots of room for multi-day trips. Two of the hatch covers are brand new. $1000 CAD. Info...
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    Looking for Double Vision, Current Designs

    Just happened to see this before I opened this page!: https://www.mec.ca/en/gearswap/post/676853
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    FOUND! - ISO Wilderness Systems Tempest 165

    No longer looking for one!
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    FOUND! - ISO Wilderness Systems Tempest 165

    In search of a used plastic Tempest 165, preferably on Vancouver Island. Doesn't matter what colour. Let me know if you've got one you want to sell!
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    Wanted: Seals surf 1.4 kayak sprayskirt (large)

    I'm afraid we have no skirt to trade... the one we're using right now is an old stretched out skirt with a bungee that doesn't fit well. Thanks for the offer though!
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    Wanted: Seals surf 1.4 kayak sprayskirt (large)

    Yah thanks, they had some, we were there on Saturday, but they didn't have the 1.4 with a large tunnel.
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    Wanted: Seals surf 1.4 kayak sprayskirt (large)

    Wow, you're right, Amazon has a crazy huge selection of sprayskirts... I was hoping to find a used one that someone wasn't using but if we buy new that will be a larger selection to choose from than I knew of!
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    Wanted: Seals surf 1.4 kayak sprayskirt (large)

    Please let me know if you have a large 1.4 Seals surf sprayskirt in the Victoria, BC area.