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    Roof racks, 4 boats one car?

    You mean like this?...photo taken at my favorite shop in Seattle by a staff while shop owner was gone. (This pic is on Outdoorplay's FaceBoo page, so it is not mine.)
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    Just Starting Out

    Look like I have to add, paddling boots, gloves, neo cap, fleece cap.
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    Just Starting Out

    Here is my list. So far, I am fine with this list. Depends on the length and difficulty of the trip, I leave some items home. If I do solo in remote area, I may need to add more. Dry bags- smaller bags are easier to pack in the boat. Water container/bags - a few of those instead of one big one...
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    2012 Broughton Archipelago at the Paddlers' Inn Trip(s)

    Terry, your question deserves a fresh new thread. People loove talking about gears and camping out of kayak. Many have gear list on the file already( I do) to post it for you as a sample. And we can start from there. Fun, Fun FUN!!
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    Lots of experienced builders here! Ur thots on rigging?

    Your back will thank you for seat with good sacrum support someday. I like my Jackson's Sweet Cheek over the reguler seat pan which dose not fit me well. And I love Immersion Research's back band which I can adjust how much lumber support I want with rachet on the go easily.
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    Three customer service experiences: Exped, REI, Icom

    Woohooo! :big_thumb I feel like I got an early holiday gift! Thanks!! REI rocks, and Icom is decent IMO (they replaced my radio), I am happy with both company. Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Three customer service experiences: Exped, REI, Icom

    Hummm Alexsidles, You better make sure Standard Horizon or any other radio company would replace or fix it really cheap in the same situation. I can't compare the low tech item and high tech item for that kind of service. BTW, I got my GPS ($240.00) at REI about 3 years back, and because of my...
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    Interested in some San Francisco area rock gardening? Video

    Re: Interested in some San Francisco area rock gardening? Vi Here is the article about Surf Zone Survival Class ( renamed to " Coastal Impact Zone class) I took this summer. All 3 days, the swell was really mellow, about 2 feet. Sunny windless, nice day you would think it's a parfect day to...
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    Surf Kayaking Collision

    Was SHE ok after that? Looks lke she was in a not so good position, between her boat and the beach :shock:
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    Are skin on frame kayaks durable? For ocean use?

    SOF material, I here good things about it for ocan paddling, just make sure you carry repair kit. Construction, make sure it is well constructed. A friend of mine broke a rib from some impact while skin was not damaged. And I heard a story about leeky seams/tread holes sealed less than parfect...
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    Spray skirts- my least favorite piece of kit

    There is GoreTex tuilik made in Victoria Ca by a friend of WCP member Mickael Jackson. I bet you already knows what tuilik is, but just to make sure; tuilik is paddle top/spray skirt/hood all in one. It's been made with neoprene , also light weight neprene like material ( Reed's tuilik), but...
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    Vancouver island, planning a 5 week trip Late Spring 2013

    Re: Vancouver island, planning a 5 week trip Late Spring 201 Nanaimo to those island and up past Comox AND back down can be 200miles, isn't it?. 40-50 miles/wk. 4-5days paddling day, and weather/rest day, 10miles/day with other activitys here and there in canoe (probably not the top of the...
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    Re-entry upside down and roll.

    Good going Newfie!! Very cool! Re-enter and roll is advanced version of self rescue. Although I can roll my boats, because I don't have good hang time, scooting in and setting up before feeling air running out is hard for me. Once there rest is not hard. If, you found it is difficult to do...
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    Vancouver island, planning a 5 week trip Late Spring 2013

    Re: Vancouver island, planning a 5 week trip Late Spring 201 Pleeeease, no personal attack! You can disagree or agree, but this awfully sounds like personal attack to me. Respect OP's thread PLEASE. For the dog along the wilderness trip, Ken's input abou the animal is something we have to...
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    Where have all the sea kayakers gone?

    Gas price, unstable job market, Facebook and Twitter update on smartphone, and lack of 100% salt waterproof Smartphone.
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    please help newbie on how to examine used kayaks

    Dana, if you are worrying about scratches, look around boats as much as possible at rental boat yard, at pool sessions etc. just to be familier with scratches. it dosen't matter if it is different type of boat this time. You'll become familier with light scratch, midium, deep scratches. Same...
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    please help newbie on how to examine used kayaks

    Hey Dana, Sorry for my typo, that is "cord", instead of code. For the ID#, the seller may not know what that is and not know where it is located. The location of the ID is something you have to ask to a maker if you can't find it. the last 2 digit of them indicates the model year. To me, you...
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    please help newbie on how to examine used kayaks

    You can find year made within the boat's ID number. That might help you some. I would say that the most important thing for you is that you find a boat fit you very well and choose boat good for a day paddle ( which should be fine for a weekend camping if you don't choose low end of weight...
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    Rock gardening launches and landings.

    "Basic rock garden" class I took at Lumpy Waters was not like that :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    This is Kokatat's new MsFit model, knife is under the cover. http://www.kokatat.com/products/pfd/pfd ... -tour.html