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    Putting on a drysuit - what do you stand on?

    I pull the floor mat out of the car rear seat area and stand on that.
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    Has anyone been in contact with Joe O'Blenis recently?

    I just had to get away from my negative thoughts at that point. Trust me, it was necessary.
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    Has anyone been in contact with Joe O'Blenis recently?

    I can share some experience on this subject. I purchased a paddle set and a few other items from Joe many years ago. Great paddles. Very high quality for a backyard shop; high quality by any standard. I did recommend them to others. I had many email conversations with him in those years and...
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    Don Starkell article

    I live in Starkell's hometown of Winnipeg. A local sea kayak instructor knew Don and said he would never under any circumstances paddle with him. Said he would never think to rescue another in need.
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    Current crop of drysuit offerings...

    Re: DWR. I am also disappointed with the loss of DWR in my 9 year old GMER Meridian. I like to think that Kokatat and their competitors are looking closely at the Columbia Outdry permanent DWR jackets, but who knows if they are? I think the reviews on these jackets reveal that the fabric is...
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    Best VHF marine radio?

    The Standard Horizon flagship models are complicated. My Hx 851 has more features than i can remember how to use. Fortunately I do recall the basic functions when i need them. I do like it, overall. Kp
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    Canoe fatalities in Manitoba

    Agreed. This is my observation as well. I know a few whitewater canoeists who are the exception but in general you are entirely correct. KP Winnipeg, Manitoba
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    Considering a Grand Illusion but could use input from owners

    Re: Considering a Grand Illusion but could use input from ow I already responded in the other forum. I'm 6'2" 220 lbs and own a GI. I would be very surprised if the GI was a good fit for someone 8 inches shorter than me. Mind you, Sterling Donalson can custom fit it by lowering the deck and...
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    Throw bag

    Oh, wait, this the newest version: http://shop.seakayakingcornwall.com/hf- ... 2533-p.asp KP
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    Throw bag

    I wonder if you are thinking of this one: http://shop.seakayakingcornwall.com/jef ... m-57-p.asp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXVJjLWZLgQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y908v41LzYo kp
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    FOR SALE: Sterling Reflection as-new

    Thanks! That helps a bunch! KP
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    FOR SALE: Sterling Reflection as-new

    Where did you source the helicopter tape? I'm interested in getting some for my new kayak. Can you tell us more about installing it? KP
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    Sunscreen that works, but won't burn your eyes?

    This is the one that works for me. Minimal to no stinging when near my eyes. http://www.coppertone.ca/en/products/sp ... rt/lotion/ This one seems to stay on longer if immersion happening. Also, no stinging that I've experienced. http://www.coppertone.ca/en/products/ki ... es/lotion/ I...
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    SOF Greenland for a large paddler

    http://cnckayaks.com/ These are not SOF kayaks, but they are Greenland style S&G. When I was reading around the plans and website, there seemed to be a fair bit of scalability based on size and (I believe) weight. Might be worth considering. The designers (Chris Crowhurst and his father) are...
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    Whitewater classes

    Actually no, I used the WW playboats that the WW club uses. I figured they were willing to teach their methods in their environment, so I would learn best in their boats. Then I bought a pair of playboats for my son and myself. I have planned for a couple of years to bring the sea kayak out to...
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    Whitewater classes

    I live in southern Manitoba which is a bit of a drive from the coastline. As I was getting better with sea kayak skills I realized that I needed to get experience in rough, moving water. The local WW club already knew me from the winter pool sessions. They introduced me to great local playspots...
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    hanging food

    I am no expert in these matters but these might help you: http://www.mec.ca/product/5020-583/ursa ... stant-bag/ http://www.mec.ca/product/5044-253/loks ... k/?q=opsak The first item claims to be critter proof by way of the tough Spectra fabric, so sharp teeth can't get into the bag once it...
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    Whats your favorite lunch

    "doesn't require using a stove." I don't know if this qualifies or not, but I make great use of a 500 ml Thermos flask to have a hot lunch without using a stove. Typically the stove is out at breakfast at least for tea/coffee, so it's rather easy to heat a bit more water and throw it in the...
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    Alternative cap for Dromedary - NOT the capCAP

    http://www.mec.ca/product/4004-998/msr- ... er-spigot/ The drom caps that come with the bags don't leak for me, but when I'm in camp I change to this one for faster controlled dispensing. KP
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    Sterling Kayak Buying Experience

    I've also been planning to order a Grand Illusion from Sterling, drive down to the shop and pick it up. At least once finances allow it. Damn currency fluctuation. What was it like declaring the purchase at the border? I imagine you had to pay GST, but any other fees? I am guessing a U.S. made...