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    It is exceptionally accurate, within reason.... As an FYI, I work on an expedition ship in Antarctica and we use windyty as our go to resource for weather analysis and decision making (in concert with a couple of other resources for commercial shipping) Form experience up in the Arctic as...
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    Rolling progression plan

    my short answer - pay for a clinic with James Manke ;) my medium length answer - as Designer said, you are losing the psychological battle with yourself by using terms such as "bad side" and "good side". Instead view them as your "good side" and "alternate good side". You'd be very surprised...
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    Used boreal designs INUKSHUK kayak - opinions, please

    if big, wide, and stable is your priority then the Inukshuk will be fine. It's a pretty big boat, i'd say ideal paddler weight is between 140-230 lbs or so to sink it properly. 17' x 24.5". Good stable touring boat for someone just getting started. Very rudder dependant, not all that...
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    Wanted: Used Composite Valley Or Zegul Greenland style Kayak

    Re: Wanted: Used Composite Valley Or Zegul Greenland style K yeah they can be well used but they are usually open to negotiation. the replacement cost of a new one for their rental fleet is pretty steep, which surely must factor in. the exchange rate is brutal..... I'd second Kayak Academy...
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    Wanted: Used Composite Valley Or Zegul Greenland style Kayak

    Re: Wanted: Used Composite Valley Or Zegul Greenland style K Ecomarine in Vancouver has several used Nordkapp's and Nordkapp LV'S (sadly discontinued) in their rental fleet.
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    PFD's How long do you keep your before replacing it?

    The foam degrades slowly over time, normally 4-6 years is about the maximum life span of a PFD. The variability will depend on your storage conditions, how good you are about rinsing it in fresh water after use, drying it and amount of use per season. Also depends on the denier of nylon on...
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    looking for an expedition touring sea kayak

    SKUK Explorer/Explorer HV (if you have size 11 feet or bigger the HV is pretty nice) Valley Etain 17-7 Valley Nordkapp Forti (my personal favourite on this list, but an acquired taste that is not for everyone) P&H Cetus M or Cetus L (depends on just how skinny you are for your height and your...
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    Norway 2017

    Tons of great outfitters! If you want to stay Canadian, I highly recommend Ontario Sea Kayak Centre. James Roberts and Dympna Hayes have run guided trips to Norway and I believe are planning a follow-up trip. www.learntokayak.ca As for Norwegian outfitters, there are several to recommend but...
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    Kokatat GMER for sale

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    Truly waterproof glove recs?

    Reed Chillcheater Gauntlets. thin, you can layer in with merino liner gloves or mitts, and you are GOLDEN. What nice about these is that they are super flexible, still allow excellent dexterity and they go up as high as your elbows with a cinch to snug them up. pricey yes, but I haven't found...
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    Ice, Bears, and Islands - An evening with Jaime Sharp

    from personal experience on the Labrador coast, I will just offer a "I GUARANTEEEEEEEE" that polar bears do not scare or startle easily.
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    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE - January 2016

    thanks! we got lucky, some neighbours of mine who live down the beach from me happen to be those of the amateur nigh-professional photographer types. They snapped all of the above pics and kindly donated them to me for free. Best kayaking photos of me that I have ever had taken, and it's not...
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    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE - January 2016

    i lovely new years day, on the north shore the the gulf of St-Lawrence near Port-Cartier, Quebec. Enjoy!
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    New Artificial Wave

    several credible blogs have been hard at work trying to find his secret spot. there is a 99% probability that it is an old, abandoned artificial lake water skiing facility located in California. TBC! ps - never mind the delphin, I want to give that a rip in an HP surf kayak or wave ski!
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    Say hello to Canada's first ever BCU Level 5 coach!

    Nigel Foster, Steve Maynard and Mark Tozer are the UK expat Level 5 coaches. John Carmody, Jenn Kleck and Todd Johnston Wright are the US Level 5 coaches. Chris Lockyer is the Canadian. 7 in total, I stand corrected as I didn't count properly lol Keep in mind there are other high level...
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    Say hello to Canada's first ever BCU Level 5 coach!

    Peter yes there are six Level 5 coaches present in North America; three of them are born in the Americas, the other three emigrated here part/full time from the UK. And yes, a Level 5 coach is the equivalent of a graduate diploma/certificate in performance coaching. The new UKCC Level 4...
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    Perfect kayaking vehicle

    Subaru Crosstrek it's got the most clearance of any Sub, has plenty of space for gear for two paddlers, and can go places that my Ford Ranger, frankly, could not. I've done some SEEERIOUS offroading and yes, while the vehicule is not meant for that purpose i have been able to access some areas...
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    Another island speed record attempt

    Shawna Franklin can be added to your list of ladies who went round VI