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  1. Comoxpaddler

    Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island, BC 2–8 Feb 2024

    Great trip report and fantastic photos. Thanks.
  2. Comoxpaddler

    Long Distance Sea Kayak

    Hi Cougarmeat. That's pretty much my thinking having spent four days in the boat. I use the skeg in my Explorer in the same way. One issue with the Elite is that first impressions are that it weathercocks more than the Explorer so the Elite's rudder is needed more often than the Explorer's...
  3. Comoxpaddler

    Long Distance Sea Kayak

    Thanks, Andrew. It was extremely unpleasant. Fortunately, it has almost completely resolved already.
  4. Comoxpaddler

    Long Distance Sea Kayak

    So, I ended up buying a new-to-me Looksha Elite from a friend. In great nick. Took it our for a four day paddle the weekend before last; a circumnavigation of Read and Cortes Islands. Great paddle, made even more exciting by coming across a paddler, Clara, whom I knew I recognised but could...
  5. Comoxpaddler

    Long Distance Sea Kayak

    Thanks, John. I found this webpage about BigFoot and it certainly is very interesting. Thanks for the tip. https://expeditionkayaks.com/products/the-big-foot-kayak-foot-plate-system If I end up with the SmartTrack system (quite likely judging by the boats I am looking at) then BigFoot would...
  6. Comoxpaddler

    Long Distance Sea Kayak

    I'm AM's buddy thinking of buying a bigger boat. I love my NDK Explorer but it really is too small for weeks-long trips. I'd like to take a few more comfort items (like a small chair, and one day, perhaps in my 70s [now 63], a cot) and I'm getting old enough to think that the increased...
  7. Comoxpaddler

    Bella Bella to Port Hardy

    Thanks for doing our trip report, Andrew. We were really lucky with the weather which added to the enjoyment of the trip. Being willing to get up at 4:30 a.m. for 7:30 a.m. starts (I'm slow in the mornings partly because my Explorer has small hatch openings and a low packable volume; Andrew's...
  8. Comoxpaddler

    Update about the outage and options for the future.

    I visit WCP far less often than previously as I kayak less than I did but over the 15+ years that I have been a member the site has been invaluable. Delighted to have been able to make a donation through the GoFundMe route both as a thanks for services previously rendered and to help keep this...
  9. Comoxpaddler

    Dave Kruger is gone

    Saddened to hear about this. I never met Dave but always valued his input on every subject; he always seemed wise, kind and tolerant.
  10. Comoxpaddler

    Fees in Clayquot

    Planning a trip to Clayquot Sound this summer, introducing friends to the glories of coastal BC. It's a few years since I last camped there. I see the Ahousat have introduced a "Guardian" system and are seeking $10/person, $40/group daily camping fees. A cursory online search shows that this...
  11. Comoxpaddler

    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE - April 2016

    Nice vid, Mario. I've PM'd you.
  12. Comoxpaddler

    Canadian Surfski Champs - official race video

    Excellent video. Now if I can only persuade Comox Valley Kayaks to get some rental surfskis....
  13. Comoxpaddler

    Bunsbys, Battle Bay and the Maa-nulth Treaty

    Thanks Ken. This is the real world advice I was after. When I went to Haida Gwaii in 2010 the advice I read was to seek formal permission from the Band to land on their reserves. When I phoned I was met with a somewhat bemused response. It transpired that only one other person had ever...
  14. Comoxpaddler

    Bunsbys, Battle Bay and the Maa-nulth Treaty

    So, the last bit - "You must ask permission if you plan to stay on...Treaty Settlement Lands" - seems fairly explicit. What have other WCPers done? Called for permission? Or hoped for forgiveness?
  15. Comoxpaddler

    SOLD! - Ancient Nordkapp for sale

    Re: Ancient Nordkapp for sale I have PM'd you.
  16. Comoxpaddler

    Making camp on the North Coast

    Great article. Describes so many of my evenings on the central, north and west coasts. Thanks.
  17. Comoxpaddler

    Battle Bay at higher high tides - info please

    Thanks, Liam, helpful additional info.