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  1. Gary Jacek

    VHF trying to keep it simple.

    Just to be clear, I top my USB-rechargeable VHF on shore. No on water battery swaps or charge cables. I’ve seen a PLB in action. They work very well.
  2. Gary Jacek

    Search near Tahsis

    Missing paddler. Kayak found. https://www.cheknews.ca/rcmp-coast-guard-sar-search-for-missing-kayaker-last-seen-friday-in-tahsis-inlet-1198493/
  3. Gary Jacek

    VHF trying to keep it simple.

    I had one of the fancy VHF handhelds with GPS and DSC and concluded that: 1. GPS sucks power. So cannot leave it turned on all day. 2. Once you are in the water, holding the radio out of the water for a GPS fix before activating DSC is going to be quite a distraction from ongoing events. 3. If...
  4. Gary Jacek

    Making and unmaking holes in a fibreglass kayak

    A treasure chest of good tips here.
  5. Gary Jacek

    Cancelling Broken Group Island trip because of weather. Any suggestions on where to go instead?

    Cell coverage in the Brokens is pretty solid. So if you bring along the smart phone you may also consult your wind predictors of choice. I use Windfinder Pro...a sailing app.
  6. Gary Jacek

    Old MEC Drybags dying?

    My similar MEC vinyl bags have decided to come apart at the round bottomed lower seam. Three of them so far. They are just shy of voting age, so I suppose they've seen their day.
  7. Gary Jacek

    Holberg Inlet

    If you are entering Rupert Inlet on a very high tide, you may want to take a side trip up Marble River, via Varney Bay just south of Kenny Point. The river has undercut the limestone banks in interesting ways. If you intend to transit Quatsino Narrows the same day, be aware of strong currents...
  8. Gary Jacek

    MCTS protocol for kayakers?

    Ahhh technology! Having relied upon an AIS app to tell us the distant positions of various BC Ferries vessels, we began our dash across the west entrance to Active Pass, fighting a respectable flood. At our halfway-point, what should hove into view but the Spirit of Surprise! When you don't...
  9. Gary Jacek

    So, thoughts on the demise of Mountain Equipment Co-op?

    This is not your father’s MEC. New Return Policy
  10. Gary Jacek

    Kiwi visiting PNW

    Kyuquot may be possible in August, but last I heard the road into Zeballos, Little Espinosa Inlet (access to Nuchatlitz) and Fair Harbour (access to Kyuquot) was shut down due to a wildfire. We were in the area a week ago, just before the closure, and the forest was very dry. A good backup plan...
  11. Gary Jacek

    An Offer We Can Totally Refuse

    Set up a meet. In a tent. Slathered in bacon fat. On the DEW Line. You’ll be the guy in the white fur coat.
  12. Gary Jacek

    SOLD! - Wilderness Systems Tempest 170 kayak reduced to $1,900 CAD

    Minbiao is a local SISKA member. You could not meet a nicer guy.
  13. Gary Jacek

    WARNING: No MEC refunds if you use PayPal

    The standard play in customer service is to apologize for a problem and empathize with the customer. The third and most critical part is to ask the customer what they would like to see as the outcome and follow through. DavidLee23, if you represent MECompany, you missed that most important step.
  14. Gary Jacek

    Improved Thule Hullavator

    I’ve owned and sold my Thule Hullavators because the awkward cradles don’t hold the kayak as securely as I would like, and the hard rubber bumps tend to oilcan rotomolded kayaks. Now check out these Mallone cradles adapted to a Thule Hullavator. Holds kayak securely on edge so no more oil...
  15. Gary Jacek

    Tent Option

    Inching? Did you mean Cringching?
  16. Gary Jacek

    Pacific Rim Problem-No stopping in Pacific Rim Park Reserve

    How about “The Graveyard of the Pacific”. Oh wait…they used to call it that.
  17. Gary Jacek

    Pacific Rim Problem-No stopping in Pacific Rim Park Reserve

    It seems to me that all we need is someone to attempt the 70km bypass…and fail badly. Then the bad press will expose this evolution of absurdity. Who here volunteers to be a casualty for the common good?
  18. Gary Jacek

    Drysuit gasket replacement

    Clearing out our garage, I came across my old duffel bag of SCUBA gear. Buried therein, a container of talc powder from the 1980s. Do I call in a HazMat team, or put it on eBay?
  19. Gary Jacek

    Victoria winter day trip paddlers

    Hi Shannon There are at least four different private groups spread out from the West Shore to Sidney, going out on Wednesdays. There used to be just one group but COVID saw us splitting up into smaller cohorts. If you know Dave Ostapovich, then you know the webmaster for the original group. Gary
  20. Gary Jacek

    Victoria winter day trip paddlers

    The next SISKA trips are on Jan 7 and Jan 8 going to Sitting Lady Falls and Millstream Falls. Don’t wait too long to get your membership in as our trips fill up fast. If you can paddle on Wed or Thu, there are several non-SISKA groups that go out every week.