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    Bicycle Trailer for Kayak

    Something to consider, I've seen several kayak carts destroyed by folks who've converted them into bike trailers. Many of the push carts do not have bearing to handle sustain speeds much above 5mph. The plastic wheels just melt of the axles.
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    P & H Boats

    Ben Lawry contributed input to the Cetus, but he did not design it. P&H does vacuum bag their kevlar boats. If I were to order a custom boat, I would want the "heavy duty" seam. P&H only glasses the inside of their seam normally, but with the heavy duty seam, they'll glass the outside...
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    Anas Acuta kit

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    Lendal paddles coming to MEC

    Ethics have nothing to do with it. Lendal is no longer a small entity. No one I've spoken with seems to have control over their website so the mistake goes uncorrected.
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    Lendal paddles coming to MEC

    I know why the weights are wrong Where I work used to be the largest distributor of Lendal in the US, that is until Johnson purchased them. It is very true that all production has moved to the US. Quality and availability took a massive nose dive as they trained new crews. The blades are...
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    SPOT - Emergency Beacon GPS

    Have one, subscription coming EPIRBs, Sat phones, whatever are used in emergencies. What is really cool about this device is it's non-emergency function. My significant other frets whenever I go on my solo trips and this is a great device to send the okay message daily. I really like the...
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    New to Glass Boats... How do I prevent/reduce hull scratches

    never even thought about it When you paddle a 75lbs NDK tank, you never think about scratches. I'm known for my now infamous beaching cry. "Aim for the biggest rock you can see!" because chances are you won't hit anything bigger than what you're aiming for. Yeah, I've done 5 star landings...
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    Gear recommendations for digital cameras

    Pentax Five years ago I bought a waterproof digital and for paddling, I will never carry anything else. My current camera is the Pentax W20. It is a great waterproof digital. Instead of a wrist lanyard, I have a 20" line with a biner to attach it to me and I just throw it in my PFD pocket...
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    What's in Your Kayak Repair Kit?

    Nailed it on your first guess. Cards are there to pass the time as a repair cures.
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    What's in Your Kayak Repair Kit?

    I carry a bit more extensive repair kit for when I am working with groups. It fits into a 3L barrel. I have glassed paddle shafts back together and fabricated hatch covers in the field. But I like working with fibreglass. Multi Tool Lineman pliers w/Cable cutters Multi bit screw driver...
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    TRAK foldable kayaks

    I've paddle one several times in the last month. The weak part of the boat is the pistons, they do leak overnight. It never affected me while on the water but after racking the boat, it would have reverse rocker in the morning. Other than that, the Traks kayak is probably the best folding boat...
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    VHF Antenna

    For my 7 and 13.5 miles I was taking into account the kayaker's antenna height. If I can broadcast and listen for 3.5, and they can do the same, then at 7 miles, our signals will be overlapping.
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    VHF Antenna

    I seem to recall that it is the Atlantis 250. The features are the same but the look has definitely changed. I have a combo squelch/volume knob and the battery pack screws into the base of the unit instead of clipping into the rear. Also I recall my unit being waterproof to JIS-7 standards...
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    VHF Antenna

    Speaking of juggling, If I can stand on the deck of my boat and juggle, then I probably have the balance needed to hold my paddle in the air and talk on a radio. As a guide, I'm rarely in trouble but If I need the radio, I want to be heard. Nope, it is a threaded terminal. The antenna screws...
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    VHF Antenna

    I'm talking about a handheld VHF. It's a 5 year old Uniden Atlantis. Yes the antenna is easily removable however I am not familiar with the terminology of connectors so I am unable to identify what type it has. I was thinking while in my kayak, I could rig a device to hold the antenna to my...
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    VHF Antenna

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    Airalite Repair

    I don't remember the chemical name of the glue that I been using but Bell Canoes sells it under the name of Super Bond http://www.rutabaga.com/product.asp?pid=1013653. I have used this with success on numerous Perception Airlite boats, Current Designs TCS and Yakima and Thule luggage boxes...
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    Importance of kayak weight

    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a 75 pound Explorer. It's my tank that I guide in so I love it.
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    naming a kayak

    I chose a name from Greek mythology for my first boat. The name means "from the sea." I even sent out a new arrival announcement a la birth announcement. Quite a few of my friends sent me cigars. To me, that boat was a big deal, like a new puppy or actually having a kid so naming my boat made...
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    paddling mitts

    Anybody use Level6 gear? I've been product testing a few items from them and have really like their mitts. I usually use NRS hand wear but the terry-looped liner of the Level6 mitts is really nice. Not quite as warm as the Toaster Mitts but I found them to be drier. Since I can double up with...