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  1. J

    Making and unmaking holes in a fibreglass kayak

    Love your work CPS. I also did a bulkhead move on a Romany: https://www.westcoastpaddler.com/community/threads/moving-a-bulkhead-in-a-seaward-ascente.8774/page-2#post-94368 and it's a great customisation. I mounted a foot pump on the bulkhead, but the main improvement, which I recommend, was...
  2. J

    Kiwi visiting PNW

    Thanks Pryaker, I absorb Alex's articles whenever they appear, fantastic trips and reports. I'll add Kyuquot Sound to the list, it looks stunning.
  3. J

    Kiwi visiting PNW

    Thanks Cougarmeat. Yes, I am instructing on the NOLS courses in Alaska, as I do here at home in New Zealand. The PNW clinic is for introducing current NOLS instructors to more challenging conditions. I'm pretty confident in exposed-coast paddling, with all that brings, but I'm new to this area...
  4. J

    Kiwi visiting PNW

    Hi Folks, I'll be finishing a contract with NOLS in Alaska on 18 August and then I'll be floating free until Friday 08 September when I start a clinic in the PNW. I have no firm plans on what I'm doing in those three weeks and I'm open to suggestions from the hive mind at WCP. Visiting Kodiak...
  5. J

    Which pfd?

    I thought this was a feature! Hands-free nostril scratcher, has to be a good thing. ;)
  6. J

    Improved Thule Hullavator

    This is quite funny, as the owner shown is actually really tall. He used to own a motorhome and he had to use a ladder, calisthenics and faith to get his kayaks on the roof! Maybe he has bad memories of those experiences and has now taken the gentleman's approach. :)
  7. J

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    Getting a shower from a blow hole, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand. February 2023.
  8. J

    Pacific Rim Problem-No stopping in Pacific Rim Park Reserve

    A few years ago we were planning an overnight camp - an annual event - on Department of Conservation land (think national parks service) and after applying I was turned down. When I posted this on our network's (club, kind of) forum, I was contacted back channel by the guy who actually wrote the...
  9. J

    Update about the outage and options for the future.

    Happy to contribute into your hat. I'm not on FB so won't be part of any 'discussions' taking place there.
  10. J

    Sea Kayak Navigation: Plotting Your Position With A Compass

    "Unlost" I'm stealing that! Thanks for sharing.
  11. J

    Smartwatch for paddling?

    Suunto has dropped the ball, or screwed the pooch, depending on how polite you are. I'm not! The previous iteration of their website interface, Movescount, was a bit unstable to start with but then settled down. It was good for being able to view HR, speed, elevation etc and seeing on a...
  12. J

    Smartwatch for paddling?

    A thought on using a WRIST watch for accurate speed measuring while paddling: wouldn't the elliptical movements of your hand effect the measuring? Note: I use a Suunto Ambit, on my wrist, to record HR (with a chest strap), speed, tracks, etc but I accept it won't be as accurate as I may like.
  13. J

    Contact for Active Sea Kayaking?

    Hi Team. Does anyone have an email contact for Active Sea Kayaking in Victoria, please? I have a question to ask about camera mounts but can only find a Facebook link, which is of no use to me as I'm not on it. Thanks in advance. John
  14. J

    Deception Pass Challenge 2021

    And, it can give people 'experience' without learning judgement. I saw it here in the '90s when adventure racing kicked off. Fit, talented, skilled athletes who relied on a race director to decide it was safe to go. In the real world they had to make those calls for themselves. Nature had a...
  15. J

    How likely are whales to overturn you in a kayak?

    Was that you screaming? ;)
  16. J

    Pain or discomfort in the hip area?

    Scott, you haven't stated in detail where this pain is, but even if you did, diagnosis by distance (or Google) is usually flawed. While no doctor or physical therapist, I have had a few aches over the years, some of which were major, most not. If you are able/prepared to seek professional...
  17. J

    what's this stroke called?

    I use the sculling pry to push my kayak sideways when landing on a sloping landing ramp. The ramp, or beach, prohibits use of a draw. Works a treat.
  18. J

    Tent and sleeping pad on uneven ground

  19. J

    Tent and sleeping pad on uneven ground

    Try using spare clothes etc under your pad to level your sleeping spot. It makes a world of difference to the comfort of your sleeping. It took me many, many years to learn this simple trick!
  20. J

    Kayak transport, looking for advice

    When I last carried a long double on a short-span roof rack I used an aluminium ladder. I used U bolts to secure the ladder to the vehicle's roof rack bars and then padded that and tied down the kayak. Bow and stern lines are essential in this case. I then drove very conservatory, and checked...