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  1. Ken B

    Battle Bay at higher high tides - info please

    We were lucky...when we pulled in last year (August 21, 2014), the group of Fishers that were occupying the site were pulling out. They had been there a week. There are a few other smaller above beach sites near by where nootka took that pic. BTW, you could use Islet '125' of the Cuttle Islets...
  2. Ken B

    Bunsbys, Battle Bay and the Maa-nulth Treaty

    Myself and 2 others made the trip into this area last year (August 2014). I called the Band office to ask permission for access to the Band's lands. The female Band member was very nice...she pointed out the only 'No Access' area was the Burial Island just off Acous Peninsula. She also informed...
  3. Ken B

    "Looking for Kayak Bill" article in Sea Kayaker ma

    No Bomb! I was told (by a local) that some of the locals who knew Bill well were suspicious of some of the details surrounding the discovery of his body. That's it.
  4. Ken B

    Missing Paddler - Fingers Crossed

    Brent's body has not been found.
  5. Ken B

    "Looking for Kayak Bill" article in Sea Kayaker ma

    Dickel, If you are looking to contact any of Kayak Bill's acquaintances in the Shearwater / Bella Bella areas... -Louise of Denny Island B&B (www.dennyislandbandb.com) There is a cabin there that Kayak Bill lived in in the 'off season'. - Ian McAllister, conservationist-nature...
  6. Ken B

    Another island speed record attempt

    Way to go Russell on the record-breaking feat :clap: :clap: :clap: re/ jk's post Anytime a 'Feat' / 'Record' has been challenged or broken, I see nothing wrong in putting in perspective. Anytime I have read about a mountain climber ascending a world-class mountain, it is usually noted...
  7. Ken B

    can you do the 'roll'?

    Speaking of SSTIKS... We had 5 kids (in the Kids Program) get 'Hand Rolls' on Saturday...3 of them had never even tried rolling before! SSTIKS is unlike most/all other Symposiums...they offer a Kids Program parallel to the usual Adults programing. We had 10 kids this year. BTW...the Kids...
  8. Ken B

    Orcas at Surge Narrows

    BONUS!!! :clap: Brent and I had a 'Visit' a couple of weekends ago in Kanish Bay. They looked like a Resident family...a large male, female, and what looked like a juvenile male.
  9. Ken B

    Pacific Paddling Symposium May 30- June , 2014

    I'll be there again this year. I look forward to working with James Manke again (GL Rolling and Strokes). I also look forward to seeing familiar faces, and meeting new ones. Weather looks like it will be cooperating. See you there! Ken
  10. Ken B

    Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium

    To confirm how big this event was...I too was a Coach (but as an assistant) at this event and I'm not sure we got a chance to meet mike! I assisted Steve Scherrer on Saturday (Incident Management), and Rob Avery and Tim White on Sunday (Intro to Currents). I missed Monday's events...was on the...
  11. Ken B

    Paddle Canada Level 2/3 skills program - Nova Scotia

    Good on you mike. It is a wonderful area. I just returned from that part of Nova Scotia as well... I was a (asst.) Coach at Christopher's recent Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium (Sept. 21-23). http://www.bofsks.com
  12. Ken B

    Where are the Pacific Paddling Symposium reports?

    Haven't been on this site for quite some time... First...nootka's comment: Explanation: Dubside was turned back at the border...he made the fatal mistake of admitting he was coming into Canada to 'Work'...without a Work Visa he was turned away. As Mike Jackson mentioned...James Manke, Mike...
  13. Ken B

    SOLD! - P&H Delphin 155 RM

    Re: P&H Delphin 155 RM SOLD! The kayak has found a new home. Have fun Mr. and Mrs. Gecko Paddler!
  14. Ken B

    Florida paddling advice?

    I don't think I would recommend any Greenland Rolling in the Everglades... :mrgreen: :wink: Good luck Have fun Mike
  15. Ken B

    Funny Video

  16. Ken B

    SOLD! - P&H Delphin 155 RM

    Re: P&H Delphin 155 RM Looks like I have to 'Sweeten' the pot a little... NEW PRICE $1250 FOB Campbell River
  17. Ken B


    After a couple of years of frustrating failure, multiple 'Instructors' (both professional and well-meaning co-paddlers), I went to Dubside and he taught me a roll in 1 hour! I know George at Kayak Academy...I rank him extremely high in all kayak related instruction. I don't know Leone/Shawna at...
  18. Ken B

    Pacific Paddling Symposium

    I have been conversing with the main organizer. From my understanding, the symposium is happening. I helped with lining up Dubside (Greenland Rolling and Rope Gymnastics) for the Greenland element of the symposium. Dubside is confirmed. Not sure about the rest...
  19. Ken B

    Kayaky Christmas cake

    OMG...No Sprayskirts!!! :mrgreen: Great effort.
  20. Ken B

    SOLD! - P&H Delphin 155 RM