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    Which stoves are 100% stainless steel?

    Roy, I don't care for the Non-stick pans but do have a non-stick lid for easier frying. The failure occurred in a pan. I imagine this wouldn't be a problem with the non-stick - though then you'd probably still want a bag for the burner in order to protect the non-stick coating.
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    Here's a vid on a slightly different method (which I haven't tried, but will as it refills the container more completely). There's a good economic analysis in this one as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD1CmorB_qM Finally, here's a DIY method of refilling the MSR canisters. There's...
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    Which stoves are 100% stainless steel?

    That's a good idea.
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    Which stoves are 100% stainless steel?

    That's an interesting question. I'm holding a Windpro and looking carefully at it. All the burner parts, as you said, look to be stainless and brass. The fuel tube sheath looks like woven SS wire. The regulator looks like machined aluminum though - definitely not stainless. OK, just got a...
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    At the risk of excommunication from The Church of Trangia, I've found a system I really like for kayaking and motorcycle trips. * MSR Windpro stove (or your favorite isobutane stove) * Replace isobutane cannister with standard coleman propane cannister ($3 from Big Box) like this...
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    SOLD! - Carbon Werner Cypress 205cm

    I think you mean "Cyprus" (my home paddling ground)... Geez, you even have a photo of the name right there on the blade! :D I own one - what a fine paddle.
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    Mazatlan / Guaymas

    I live in Bahia Kino north of Guaymas. I've paddled the stretch from Kino to San Carlos several times and would be happy to answer any questions you have.
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    a good basic explanation of tides

    Great to see Phil giving his clear explanation in a vid. His description of tidal forces in his book was excellent and did away with a lot of the silliness one reads in otherwise reasonable oceanography texts. The book is "Bad Astronomy" By Phil Plait...
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    Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez

    Nice! I met Sergio the last time I paddled around Isla Carmen (2009?) - seemed a very nice fellow. It really is great to see more Mexican guides working in Baja. I was just down in San Blas, Nayarit and was very impressed with the guides I encountered there as well.
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    How not to surf a kayak...

    SAR Bait!
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    Recommend a PFD

    I've been using a MsFit for a couple of years now and very much like it. The pockets are right for me and what I like to have attached to me. The shorter height feels good with the slightly high cockpit coaming in my Seaward boats. I'd stay away from the "rescue" PFD's. Lots of superfluous...
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    Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Yes, thanks very much for the info.
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    Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Nice trip report and vid. I'm curious about how you got boats there.
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    Pyramid Style Tents

    I've really enjoyed the mids made by Dave Olsen at OwareUSA. He offers the option of fastex buckles instead of the ever troublesome zipper-under-tension. I've bought well over 60 of these for our program and haven't seen one fail yet after 4 years...
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    Some news about AstoriaDave

    Good to see you back Dave!
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    International travel by kayak - possible?

    I cross the U.S./ Mexico border routinely with a kayak on a rack without any issue. If entering Mexico with a trailer things can get more complicated - the current batch of customs officials in Nogales, for example, are notorious for asking for all kinds of superfluous paperwork on trailers...
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    Aquanaut Skeg Repair

    Thanks AM. Great vid.
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    Aquanaut Skeg Repair

    I've been through this process a couple of times myself in the last year and I'll simply second Rider's recommendation that you figure out a way to cut the cables very cleanly which means putting away those wire snips (which will squeeze the cable and cause it to fray which creates more problems...
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    Waterproof VHF Radio and GPS Experiences?

    Radio: HX-270 3 years old Kept in dry cockpit bag. Rarely immersed, occasional splashes. No maintenance. Still works as I'd hoped. GPS: various Garmin models. Oldest is 14 years old. All live on deck without any protection. I do make a point of taking off the battery/port covers...
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    About three years ago I bought two thermoform kayaks from a reputable manufacturer. Within months both were oil canning badly. I'm assuming that in the interim manufacturers have played with the material enough to address that problem but I am still leery...