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    Olympus Stylus 1030 SW Digital Camera

    I have found the 1030 to be fiddly to use when paddling and much prefer a camera in a housing just for the bigger buttons. Flat water it wont matter but if its a bit choppy then you need to be able to use the camera 1 hand without looking at it.
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    Canon G10

    G10 is a great camera to use. Love the wide end ....way better for kayaking. Used a friends but i'm not liking the 1030 olympus i have so thw g10 is what I will end up with. I'm a photographer by trade so i'm picky!! :lol:
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    Repairing Scapes on a Plastic Hull

    I'm another fan of shaving. I have used an old triple blade razor that was getting a bit too blunt for me (think the wife used it on her legs) :roll: Anyway..... worked well!
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    NDK boats

    Interesting comments on the finish of these boats. I have only had a look at 2 explorers and thought they looked ok to me in a standard layup . I have a carbon kevlar Valley so i'm picky. BUT what made me have a closer look was a very experienced paddler I know with several kayaks including...
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    Freya Circumnavigates Aussie Solo

    Andrew McAuley did this same crossing a few years ago and he slept inside his kayak by removing the front bulkhead. 1 of the questions he was always asked was how do you do a number 2. He showed a pic :shock: of a cut off soft drink container like a pft coke bottle that he would slip under and...
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    Digital Cameras for Kayaking and other times...

    Very Happy with my little Olympus 1030 SW also. Better than I thought it would be. For you DSLR users here I also just bought a canon 5d mk 2 which is also better than I thought it would be
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    I was looking for Titanium when I ended up with the spyderco above. I did not want a folder as I find them too slow to get out with one wet cold hand. 1 knife I would have liked is one called a T Rex make in the U K I think it was. Looks the goods and has a good holder which is almost as...
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    This is the best one I have had .Its a Spyderco Caspian 2 salt. Was looking for a titanium knife but the design of this one was impressive to me.
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    Portable Camera Mount

    There are also the "sticky" mounts. Have a look here for some info. http://www.seakayakforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=59
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    Very nice Stumpy. I have a IR one and don't like it. It tightens up a click or 2 when you don't want it to. May fave has been 1 like yours. My bum would hate your seat though :lol:
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    I use a Gath helmet , just the basic one without the visor. I have taken the ear cover off also. It fits over my cap and I have paddled for hours without realizing I still had it on. :roll: Fits in the day hatch easily also. If your fashion concious you should have a look in the shop section...