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  1. idealmilk

    New Tent Suggestions Please

    link doesn't seem to want to work so here's a pic and specs Specification Performance rating - 4/5 season Capacity - 2 person Pitching style - Inner tent first, self standing Total weight - 3.95kg Usable weight - 3.30kg (BSS weight: 0.02Kg) Pack size - 50cm x 18cm Pack volume -...
  2. idealmilk

    New Tent Suggestions Please

    Force 10 Assault is a great tent http://www.sportswarehouse.co.uk/acatalog/Vango_Force_Ten_Assault.html (yes i know it says Vango but force 10 were bought up by Vango and the tents are very well made). It is perhaps a little hot in the summer in direct sunlight (but then most tents are) but it...
  3. idealmilk

    Ferry Wakes

    If you cant find a ferry (which is difficult in Stockholm as the place is crawling with them but as already mentioned, the wakes arent usually that good) then speedboats can be good - some of the larger cabin cruisers, when forced to slow down can produce a run of smallish but decent surf waves...
  4. idealmilk


    I would go for a wing paddle if you want a bit of variety and want to get the most out of your waterline - there are plenty out there to choose from but you will need to spend a lot of time trying them out. They require a different paddling style (so the learning curve is steep, but worth it) -...
  5. idealmilk


    Hi jurgenk ah yes couldn't agree more - I was also out tonight kayaking for function as well as pleasure - getting a bit of training in for the 40km Stockholm canoe Marathon a week Saturday. Training is a 10km circuit around Kungsholmen where we live, which means paddling into the heart of...
  6. idealmilk

    2220 Kayak Expedition

  7. idealmilk

    Ewa Marine underwater camera bag

    I recently used the UA-X bag for a long expedition - it was hammered, soaked, tied down to the deck and dragged around with me for 56 days - i even slept with it by my side! Although it did eventually start giving way (got three small leaks which i had to tape) it did just the job. It's not...
  8. idealmilk

    Looking for a new stove

    We got an MSR and MSR Alpine cookset - both star bits of kit. Definitely agree about using white gas, it's far more economical, easy to stow away and lasts for ages plus you can use a bit to light a real fire if the wood is a bit damp (don't try this at home). Best thing about the Dragonfly...
  9. idealmilk


    I can thoroughly recommend the Titanium squeeze - used on on our recent 56 day expedition around Sweden - it was immersed in salt water for 56 days and obviously no rusting (which we got with stainless steel items) - great blade, even comes in useful for clearing skegs. We chose the...