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    Kayak transport request from Portland OR to BC

    Hello, paddlers Is there someone from Portland OR to come to B.C. for kayaking this late summer or fall? I am looking for someone who can transport Sterling Grand illusion I purchased from a kayak shop in Portland Oregon to B.C ( Vancouver / Vancouver island ). I will pay the whole gas...
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    2023 Clayoquot Sound regulations

    Whaler‘s island and Blunden island are day use only/ no camping allowed. Ahous bay ( main & finger ) are open. Cow bay might be close , since wild side trails from Ahousaht village to Cow bay is close due to wild fire risk. You can get info by call to MHSS or Tofino kayak Center.
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    Howe Sound paddling question

    My wife often ask me to tow her when the wind picks up in Howe Sound. It nice to have an option if you are going with someone. The wind forecasted in Windy app and Marine forecast sometimes dose not materialize and sometime it dose..
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    Looking for a paddling partner for my young friend.

    Hello, my young friend is looking for a paddling partner for his west coast paddling trip this summer. He is planing to paddle Central coast or West coast Vancouver island for 1 to 2 month sometime this late July to September. He paddled entire East Coast Vancouver island from Port Hardy to...
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    Victoria to Alaska

    Weather : I paddled from Juneau to Victoria from Victoria over 20 years ago mainly along outside; outside Chichagof Is, Central Coast, Van / inside due to weather West Prince of wales. Unless starring early season with South East wind, while paddling from North to South ,people can utilize...
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    Glasses vs. contact lenses

    I usually wear RX sunglasses with a leash. I use them for kayak touring and ski touring as well. I wear contact lenses for surf kayaking.
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    Looking for first ‘expedition’ kayak

    Does anyone have thought / experience with Current Design Extreme which I do not see on their web site for west coast touring boat ? Does anyone have experience with Nimbus Zoom for west coast touring ? I am looking for a touring boat something between Nimbus Njack and Telkwa Sports. My Nimbus...
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    Looking for first ‘expedition’ kayak

    I am an old school paddler who is interested in a modern design boat.I have been using 2 Nimbus boats last 20 years. Do you know if Epic and Steller are durable as Nimbus and Seaward for abuse on west coast? Dragging loaded boat, hitting rocks, dropping, surf.
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    Looking for first ‘expedition’ kayak

    Nimbus still makes great boats. They just don’t update their web site. I got my Illusion 2 years ago. I love it for a weekend trip. i still have Lootus that I used for 3 months trip 20 years ago.
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    Another opinion and question about rudders...

    I am an old recreational kayaker with some long distance trip experience including a solo trip from Juneau to Victoria mainly along outside coat 20 years ago. I believe that K-1 and Surf Ski have a rudder for efficiency. if the efficiency is your priority, a rudder would be a good choice...
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    Sea Trial Impressions of a new Lootas, Keel Fin Version

    I am new to this site and enjoyed reading your post. A Lootus with more trucking sounds great! 1 inch high would be good update for most of people for comfort. I used Lootus for a solo trip for Juneau to Victoria along mostly outside 20 years ago. I like the characteristic of lootus that I can...