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    SOLD! - $450 Novorca Carbon Greenland Paddle - New

    This paddle has only been wet once since I bought it in 2012. It's in like-new condition. It's been in its padded case, waiting for a new owner who can do it justice. Ron Steinwall's Novorca paddles were all custom made, and each one was truly a work of art. This video shows how Novorca...
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    Whazzit? Please ID these clips!

    A friend gave me a grab bag of line and webbing hardware. In the buried treasure were these clips: Some sort of hose clamp?? And these, which look like they would keep 2 lines parallel. Where would they be used? Thanks!
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    Dunk that VHF!

    It's in all the manuals, and I know I should do it after every paddle: but....I've gotten lazy. Sometimes I give the radio a quick rinse under the tap after a paddle. I do check that the radio is working before every paddle, that the battery voltage is 'up', etc when I grab my PFD off the...
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    SOLD! - $980 CAD New Kokatat GMER GoreTex Meridian Drysuit Mens L

    I bought this Kokatat GMER GoreTex Meridian drysuit in 2014 as a backup suit. It's been hanging in the closet since then; I didn't even try it on as I had an identical Kokatat GMER suit. GoreTex Mens Size L Please check the sizing guide online at...
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    $3,200 · Like new NDK Romany Classic Kayak with skeg

    Re-posting with lower price........ This is a Nigel Dennis NDK Romany Classic kayak that's only had a few days of use since it was purchased from BodyBoatBlade in 2012. Aside from a few small scratches on the hull, it's in brand-new condition. It's been in clean dark storage in our kayak shed...
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    Update needed to WCP forum info?

    I often direct friends to check out WCP, and just realized that some of the site info seems quite out-of-date........ Are there 'user guidelines' for WCP postings? Any 'rules' about politics and religion discussions? I've seen a couple of postings that seemed like spam to me (meditation info...
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    Excellent Brian Day article on kayak paddle length

    Just checked my Inbox and in email from was a link to this article by Brian Day: It makes a lot of sense to me, since comparing paddles with very different blade shapes using the overall length gives results...
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    SOLD! - XTRATuf Boots Size 10 $75

    Legendary XTRATuf boots much favoured by guides and folks in Alaska. Lots of info online. Canadian retail is $170. I bought these in the States a few years ago, and used them on one 4-day trip. Lately I use lighter boots or launch socks and sneakers when I'm not wearing dry pants or drysuit...
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    SOLD! - Lotus PFD Size Small $50

    Lotus PFD Size Small Lotus made some of the best-fitting PFDs in history The company was bought out by Patagonia and the products were discontinued. I got this PFD with a Mariner Elan kayak a few years ago. Though older, it's in good condition and looks little-used. Price $50 Location Victoria...
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    SOLD! - Kokatat MsFit Tour PFD Size Small $100

    Kokatat MsFit Tour PFD Size Small $100 This PFD has only seen a few days of use. This is an excellent design with plenty of pocket space for gear. Size: Small $100 Location: Victoria Fairfield
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    SOLD! - NEW Lendal Kinetic Kayak Paddle 208 cm $240

    NEW Lendal Kinetic Kayak Paddle 208 cm $240 I bought this a few years ago and never used it. Lendal Kinetic Touring S - 208 cm Quality built in Scotland before the company was sold (twice). Carbon straight shaft and fiberglass blades with reinforced tips Adjustable feather 4 piece paddle - the...
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    SOLD! - Lendal Kinetik Carbon Kayak Paddle 210-216 cm $380

    NEW Lendal Kinetik Carbon Kayak Paddle 210-216 cm I bought this a few years ago and never used it. Lendal Kinetik Touring 600 Carbon bent/crank shaft and carbon blades Adjustable feather AND length - length adjusts from 210 cm to 216 cm Quality built in Scotland before the company was sold...
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    SOLD! - $100 New North Water Sea Tec Tow Line

    NEW NORTH WATER SEA TEC TOW LINE I bought two of these a few years ago from BodyBoatBlade on Orcas - $130 USD each. I use one, but don't need a spare. I prefer this 'bag' style over the newer 'burrito' North Water bag. I've been in a practice session where both types were used, and it's quicker...
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    Drysuit features - relief zips and more

    What do you like and not like about your drysuit design? Today whist taking a 'nature break' on the water, I wondered: "Why isn't the relief zipper vertical?" Do jeans have horizontal flys? Can you adjust the cuffs on your suit to make it easy to check your watch? GPS watch? Can you easily...
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    Mick's Syringe and Caulking Gun - Thanks!

    A few days ago I got a very timely tip from Mick Allen about putting an epoxy-filled syringe in a caulking gun frame. My current project is adding a rudder to a boat, which requires some...
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    My COVID-19 Project : Thomasson Panthera

    I had some materials and plenty of 'hobby time' so in early May I decided to build a shorter version of the Panthera, designed by Bjorn Thomasson. I wanted a boat mostly for day paddling, with a rudder as I might want to play with a...
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    SOLD! - Mariner Coaster Sea Kayak $1475

    This is a Mariner Coaster in excellent condition. The Coaster is a legendary boat that doesn't appear for sale often. 13 feet long, but quick enough to keep up with your friends, and you will leave many behind when the conditions get rough. Excellent for surf and catching waves as you paddle...
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    $3450 NDK Romany Classic Sea Kayak - Excellent condition, hardly used

    This is a Nigel Dennis NDK Romany Classic kayak that's only had a few days of use. Aside from a few small scratches on the hull, it's in brand-new condition. The Romany is a very good boat. It's no accident that many instructors use the Romany - it makes the paddler look good! It's very...
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    Garmin GPS- Can I change the map display?

    Just thinking about GPS today and thought I'd ask about something I find 'gets in the way' when I'm using my Garmin GPSMap64 or 78. On the map page, if the cursor position is moved, an 'info header' appears at the top of the screen. Is there a way to prevent this header from displaying? Or...
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    Adhesives for Plastic

    I recently had to re-install a skeg control box which had been factory glued in place, into a fiberglass kayak. I grabbed two similar-looking products from my supply drawer and (luckily) did a quick test on each of them. The two products: Devcon Home Plastic Welder JB Weld Plastic Bonder The...