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  1. cougarmeat

    Carrying signal gear requirement

    Wait - I’ve tested it out. And you know what, I can hear my whistle at night too! If the whistle - an audible signal, qualifies as a signal during the day, then, assuming it is still audible at night - which mine is - then I’d think it should still qualify as a night signaling device. Someone...
  2. cougarmeat

    Carrying signal gear requirement

    I read a post in another tread about a paddler who was stopped for inspection. In addition to a PFD, there was mention of required (in Washington) signaling devices. If you are paddling with a group (one or more others) must everyone have their own flares or flashlight, etc.? I understand the...
  3. cougarmeat

    MSR Dromedary or Dromolite Bags

    AlphaEcho, how do you mange the drinking tube? I’ve satisfied myself that a tube running from the water-pak, clipped to my PFD, would easily slip off if I had to unexpectedly exit. But the mouth end of the drinking tube would be subject to saltwater (occasional spray) such that my first sip...
  4. cougarmeat

    Licenses for paddling Canoes, Kayaks, & SUPs proposed - WA state bill?

    Alex, T’wer it me, if I had to take my life jacket off end hand it to them for inspection, you just know that somehow I might tip over - and now I’m not wearing my life jacket and someone may have to jump in to help me. Sorry Officer - just not used to taking my life jacket off WHILE I’M ON THE...
  5. cougarmeat

    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    The beauty of a hammock is it can go up just before you go to bed and come down as soon as you get up. With both tarp and hammock (with underquilt) in their own sleeves, you just pull the sleeve on and unclip the tree support. We do bring a tent because sometimes people are more comfortable...
  6. cougarmeat

    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    KayakWriter, Thank you for the current (dual meaning) information on Portland Island and sharing your adventure and meals. It is so inspiring to read the trip reports as I live in the middle high desert country where our high lakes are snowed in 6 months out of the year. I have to break way from...
  7. cougarmeat

    MSR Dromedary or Dromolite Bags

    I’m going to try a product called One Step. It’s a clearner for items like drinking tubes/lines (commercial - like in a bar. I’ve had my dromedary bags for years and give them a little Clorox rinse at least once a summer. As far as taste, I seldom drink water from them straight. Usually the...
  8. cougarmeat


    Shane91227 - Yep. if I lived alone, your boat would have been gone by now. But life isn’t just about me. Life isn’t just about me. Life isn’t just about me …...
  9. cougarmeat


    Dang! That color scheme matches my Max. It would make a nice pair.
  10. cougarmeat

    Kayak similar to Eliza by Necky

    ADK, My paddling partner (5’6” - weight not given but very close to yours) tried the FiberGlass Eliza and didn’t like the fit. She really enjoys her EddieLine Fathom LV (low volume). It looks a bit like the Boreal Storm BigandSmall posted, except the FathomLV just has a skeg instead of a rudder.
  11. cougarmeat

    Inflatable Kayak Buying Advice

    NorthernRealness, I see this is your first post so welcome to the forum. I am not a whitewater paddler, but I’ve spent many hours in whitewater boats during rolling lessons/training. I wouldn’t associate anything inflatable with whitewater -as far as kayaks go. Sure, the rafts are inflatable...
  12. cougarmeat

    Portage system suggestions?

    Are those oars for your spare paddle :)
  13. cougarmeat

    Kevlar Mariner Express $3500 CAD

    Also, trim strip material is available from Kayak Academy in Washington. Beautiful boat John. And no flotation bags needed.
  14. cougarmeat

    Field Repair Kit

    I’m guessing that beeswax would also work to lube drysuit zippers? Is duct tape available in small rolls (REI camping supplies, etc.), or do you “roll your own” from a larger standard size roll? What source do you use for the UV patches? I was given a “kit” - a UV flashlight and some sealer -...
  15. cougarmeat

    Aquanaut Skeg Repair

    John, How do you lubricate the skeg wire? Joy has an EddieLine LV w/skeg. The snow is almost gone from our yard so I’m looking more at getting the boats ready. Usually that’s a cleaning, checking the bungees, and applying some 303. But I’ve done nothing for her cable - except put a pull string...
  16. cougarmeat

    Kayak seat height and GreenLand Paddle question

    That Cyprus is still sitting there - waiting to be photographed. But you are right John, my boats are not “Greenland - style”. And the color already matches the Express. I think I’ll keep the Cyprus. I’m thinking the GP is like a log cabin. When I lived in Stanley ID for about a year...
  17. cougarmeat

    The Psychology of Solo Tripping

    > One trick I've found over the years is to go to sleep before the sun sets. One time - only one time - during a 3 week Oregon PCT thru hike I waited till dark to crawl into my bivi bag. As it got dark, I could see “eyes” looking at me, all around, waiting, ready to pounce. Every sound was an...
  18. cougarmeat

    Kayak seat height and GreenLand Paddle question

    The Cyprus, Epic, and Lightening are Euro blades. And I have a warner little dipper - long and skinny. I can’t get my friend to use the little dipper - or watch my DVD’s on forward stroke for that matter. It’s difficult when your friend complains of joints or muscles and you can see...
  19. cougarmeat

    Archimedes idea needs some help.

    Thank you for your answers and references. I’ve never actually seen a submarine “hover”, except in movies. Hum… could it be just a …movie. Thermoclines, salinity, and density would be a bit much for the little one. For now, we’ll just “sink the floating cups and bowls” at the sink.
  20. cougarmeat

    Archimedes idea needs some help.

    As my partner’s granddaughter is now tall enough to assist at the kitchen sink, I can show her the fun of sinking the floating dishes at wash time. I’ll try to do it without militaristic overtones (or humming the “Sink the Bismark” song). And I was thinking of explaining that if something is...