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  1. pawsplus

    A Lasting Tribute for Dave Kruger

    I don't check in often enough so didn't see this. So I am resurrecting this thread. I want to do SOMETHING. The best launch point would probably be the one we launched from to go to Long Island in Willapa Bay.
  2. pawsplus

    What's going on w/ my dry suit??

    So frustrated. The last 2 times we did rolling practice at the lake, I was WET afterwards under my dry suit. It's not a lot--just a little. My shirt was wet towards the top and around the back and front. The zippers all look good. The neck gasket looks perfect. All the tape is good...
  3. pawsplus

    Orcas attacking boats in europe

    I will not blame them if they have had enough of us!
  4. pawsplus

    Preparing for solo trips

    Obviously, get into some classes to make sure that your self-rescue skills are good. But while you do that, find a safe place to practice camping from a kayak. I started on the lakes here in TN. Yeah, things can still go wrong, but it's less likely and you're close to shore. I did a lot of...
  5. pawsplus

    So, thoughts on the demise of Mountain Equipment Co-op?

    MEC saved my life last summer when I broke kayakwriter's expensive tent and they were able to fix it for me!!! I'm sad about this. I hope MEC will still be a good place.
  6. pawsplus

    Dave Kruger is gone

    I would love to participate in anything like that.
  7. pawsplus

    Dave Kruger is gone

    Thanks so much for posting, Ian! I'm glad you could see how much Dave meant to so many of us.
  8. pawsplus

    Dave Kruger is gone

    I did send his son the link.
  9. pawsplus

    Dave Kruger is gone

    I just learned on Facebook that our AstoriaDave is gone. :( I'm just devastated. He had a number of health issues and this fungal thing had settled in and he knew it was going to take him. I'd messaged with him a few times in the past few months and he didn't have a lot to say. Just sort of...
  10. pawsplus

    Drysuit features - relief zips and more

    LOL. Yeah, it's a bit of a wiggle to maneuver the thing in, hold it so there is no leakage, and position the tip so you don't pee all over your suit. But like most things, you get better with practice. I'm a pro now. I didn't want a rear zip because too many people told me it would be uncomfy...
  11. pawsplus

    The Alligator Roll

    OMG. No way. I will have nightmares about that!
  12. pawsplus

    Deep Cove Kayak Rentals

    I paddled a nice boat there last summer. Don't recall the brand but it was nice!
  13. pawsplus

    Calling AstoriaDave!

    I hope so. He sounds very grim though. I am trying to get hold of his son.
  14. pawsplus

    Calling AstoriaDave!

    I was right to be worried. :( Dave finally messaged me back He has an immune condition that makes him vulnerable to fungi and apparently is doing very poorly and the anti-fungals are not working. His wife also has serious health challenges. He seems to think that is no hope and it's just a...
  15. pawsplus

    Calling AstoriaDave!

    Has anyone heard from Dave? He hasn't posted here or on FB in a while and I'm worried.
  16. pawsplus

    Minor updates from inland

    Hi all -- Haven't posted in a while, but still paddling like a fiend! I've continued to paddle our TN rivers and lakes during the pandemic, with my paddling buddy. We are just careful. I mean, you're never very close when on the water and we just stay well apart on land. It works. This...
  17. pawsplus

    Half a drysuit is not a drysuit?

    Well, I once failed to zip up the relief zipper all the way on mine, so there was a tiny, miniscule gap, and after 10 or so rolls and one swim, the legs were full of water. I couldn't swim to save my life.
  18. pawsplus

    Half a drysuit is not a drysuit?

    Yes, that's just what she does. And she usually has her PFD on the deck. An amazing paddler and person, but not one to emulate in safety matters.
  19. pawsplus

    Half a drysuit is not a drysuit?

    I guess that to me this seems insanely risky. If you capsize suddenly, without having the opportunity to zip up, you're not only gonna be cold--you're also gonna have a harder time staying afloat, given that the legs of the suit are going to flood with water, pull you down against the pfd, and...
  20. pawsplus

    Doe Island, San Juan Islands, WA 5–6 Oct. 2019

    Sounds like a wonderful trip!! Will add that to my "must dos"!