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  1. pawsplus

    What's going on w/ my dry suit??

    So frustrated. The last 2 times we did rolling practice at the lake, I was WET afterwards under my dry suit. It's not a lot--just a little. My shirt was wet towards the top and around the back and front. The zippers all look good. The neck gasket looks perfect. All the tape is good...
  2. pawsplus

    Dave Kruger is gone

    I just learned on Facebook that our AstoriaDave is gone. :( I'm just devastated. He had a number of health issues and this fungal thing had settled in and he knew it was going to take him. I'd messaged with him a few times in the past few months and he didn't have a lot to say. Just sort of...
  3. pawsplus

    Calling AstoriaDave!

    Has anyone heard from Dave? He hasn't posted here or on FB in a while and I'm worried.
  4. pawsplus

    Minor updates from inland

    Hi all -- Haven't posted in a while, but still paddling like a fiend! I've continued to paddle our TN rivers and lakes during the pandemic, with my paddling buddy. We are just careful. I mean, you're never very close when on the water and we just stay well apart on land. It works. This...
  5. pawsplus

    Almost a trip . . . Indian Arm, BC

    So while I was visiting my mom in Vancouver this summer, I planned a trip from Deep Cove up Indian Arm. Planned to spend the night and paddle back the next day. Philip Torrens, who is the nicest guy ever, volunteered to lend me camping gear, as it seemed absurd to have to ship all my gear from...
  6. pawsplus

    TIPS (Traditional Inuit Paddlers of the SE)

    Just got back from my second year at TIPS! It's a Qajaq USA event and it's so much fun! I pretty much only go to events that Dubside attends LOL (he's my spirit animal!) and he was there. I wanted to try to get my hand roll, and I DID -- in a...
  7. pawsplus

    Radio in carry-on

    Can I put a VHF radio in a carry-on? Or am I just gonna have to be radio-less this summer? Hoping to avoid checking more than my paddle.
  8. pawsplus

    Tides--Indian Arm

    For Indian Arm, do I just go by the Burrard Inlet tidal times? And where is a place online where I can see those way in advance (like July)? Thanks! :-)
  9. pawsplus

    North Shore Kayaks in N. Van--What the heck?? Anyone know them?

    I am trying to get hold of someone at North Shore Kayaks. Due to financial and family issues it seems unlikely that I will be able to do my planned San Juan Islands trip this summer. :( BUT I will still be visiting my mom. Due to her health issues I want to be around to actually SEE her most...
  10. pawsplus

    Just back from Tybee!

    My friend Joel and I just returned from a 4 day trip to Tybee Island, GA. 2 travel days, 2 paddling days. We did private training w/ Ronnie and Marsha, who own Sea Kayak GA, on both days. The weather was AMAZING. 70F, sunny, water comfy in a dry suit. The first day we had a neat little...
  11. pawsplus

    Body Boat Blade is for sale!!

    I just got an email from them saying the business is for sale! I had always planned to get there for training eventually -- looks like I've missed my chance! :( Anyone know what's up??
  12. pawsplus

    Deck compass

    I need a new, larger deck compass. Mine is small and cheap. Recommendations? Only the removeable sort, please?
  13. pawsplus

    Preparing charts

    I have my SJI chart book. They are on waterproof paper, but I don't want them getting folded and bent. I was planning to tear out the ones I need and have them laminated. Then they can be rolled into a chart tube and kept safe until needed. Is that the right way to go about it?
  14. pawsplus

    Map case attachment

    I can't find my map case, inexplicably. Looking at this one in large. What kind of clips do you use to attach this? The one I used to have...
  15. pawsplus

    Another "where do you get" thread . . . shrinky thingies?

    You know those heat-shrink thingies that you put on cables and lines and such? They shrink up when you heat them up with a flame? My friend and I need to put bungies on our NDK hatch covers (b/c NDK doesn't do it and neither did the dealer and now we are at constant risk of losing the damn...
  16. pawsplus

    Ball thingy on quick release buckle of tow belt

    See the ball thingy on the quick release buckle of this belt? My tow belt does not have one and MAN is it hard to get the buckle loosened in an emergency...
  17. pawsplus

    Why is my dry suit leaking?

    I'm super careful with it and it's less than a year old. The neck gasket is snug and seems intact. I see no damage anywhere. But I'm getting leakage somewhere around the neck. After rolling today, my chest was wet. How do I troubleshoot this?
  18. pawsplus

    Lowest profile PFD

    I got a new PFD last year from MEC. It's great for trips because POCKETS! But it's very bad for rolling. Dubside hates it--he kept calling it "that bulky thing" all week LOL. Without it I can lie down flat on the deck but with it, there is so much back padding that I can't get my head back on...
  19. pawsplus

    Big news!! Passed my 3 Star BCU assessment!

    Second time was the charm. This was at the Sea Kayak Georgia symposium. Actually, what I did in the assessment last year was more difficult (bigger conditions and a pickier assessor), but I do feel that between the two, I really do deserve it. This year I was on a trip with the 4 star group--I...
  20. pawsplus

    Gel coat repair

    Inexplicably, since I am beyond anal with my Pilgrim Exp, I seem to have some gel coat damage on the hull. Can I fix this myself? Is this kind of kit good...