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  1. Astoriadave

    John Dowd: The "Father" of Sea Kayaking?

    Went searching on John Dowd, and found this short piece from 2014. He makes a case for being the originator of the label "sea kayaking," and in cheeky John Dowd fashion, also claims to be the first to view this form of recreation as an industry. In person, he is jocular, and hardly takes...
  2. Astoriadave

    Lightweight Camp Stoves

    Designs very reminiscent of DarenN's stainless stoves, but a bit smaller, I think. Three different models, including a titanium version. Bring money!
  3. Astoriadave

    Freya Resumes Circumnavigation of North America

    Freya Hoffmeister attempted to make headway from Pacific City, some 15 miles or so south of Tillamook Bay, coast of Oregon, yesterday. This is a resumption of her planned circumnavigation of North America. Things did not go so well, but word from her is that today she will relaunch from that...
  4. Astoriadave

    Side Surfing: Why You Need to Be Good at It

    The principal problem training for surf is finding and exploiting conditions which allow you to grow and develop your ability to use the boat in wild water. Much of what you can learn off a standing wave such as the magnificent form at Skookumchuck works equally well on the traveling waves...
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    Shark Bites Surf Ski, South Africa

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    K-Rack Loader System?

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    Debris Flow Video

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    Plotting a Bearing

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    Rerack in PDX

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    New Artificial Wave

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    The Wild Edge

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    Keeping Hands and Feet Warm