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    We have a set of poggies that have been sitting in a box for years, worth an experment Eva thought... She uses a Weiner bentshaft, she tried poggies yesterday for the first time, and found them not very user friendly.... adjsuting the skeg, something she does without thought turned into a...
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    Planning on getting wet this winter, we have light weight beenies and balaclavas for underneath helmets, but are wanting to be as un-cold as possible given we know we are going to get cold.... Looked at NRS storm hood, recommended by Kayak Academy: and MEC has...
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    ocean river sports closeing retail store:
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    it may be the best kayk'n accessory ever

    i got this for Christmas: awesome espresso in under a minute, 18 bar - same as a commercial machine, just "wow" quality shots every time, paired with Ethical Bean Sweet Espresso the result is sublime was a pressie from Eva's mom, and already deeply loved! obligatory kayak'n piccie, Indian...
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    bulkheads on a kevlar boat

    My partner has a North Shore boat, kevlar / expidition layup we were tidying it up and noticed when she shines a flashlight in the cockpit the day hatch lights up, there's about 1/2->3/4" of see though "something" with a hard yellow-y clear finish at the bottom of the bulkhead bonded into the...
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    Eva's looking at a custom Kokatat, asked me to ask you all.. should she add suspenders to her expedition men's based custom order ? i have a NRS and it's always falling down around my knees until it's all the way up, so i'm a bit biased, i'd go for suspenders in a heartbeat thoughts?
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    Kayak storage wanted, Vancouver / North Shore

    we have two 17.5 kayaks that we are looking to store. we do not need access to these kayaks very often, maybe two or three times a year, and they do not need to be stored near water - we paddle our shorter plastic boats mostly for day/overnights - the touring boats are for longer trips We did...
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    Foot pegs Q

    i just got a used P&H corelite Delphin, and it has the orignal black twistlok footpegs in it, i've have these on another boat and they broke frequently, very frequently... easy fix, but one needs to be on shore and have a tool to remove the runner, put the peg back in the runner, put the runner...
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    looking for a Delphin / Aries 155

    a weekend / play boat for a larger guy, i'm 6'1, 230, size 11 feet and have a mobility challanged right knee, so just getting in and out can be a bit of a trial for me in some boats i've paddled MEC's rental Delphins and Aries a fair bit an would be happy with either one, also totaly love...
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    Radio's (again)

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    SOLD! - Boreal Saguenay $1,280