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  1. chodups

    Asleep at the Wheel

    Some of you know Rhonda Schwab. Maybe she has done glass work for you through her business, Kayakers Go Coastal, or through her coaching work ( BCU Coach Level 2 and 4 Star Sea Certification, and ACA Certificated instructor Level Four, Open Water and Surf.) Well, her house got run into by a...
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    Quarantine on the Coast

    This article appears on the Kokatat Blog and features many sites and sounds that are familiar, near and dear to our hearts. The Bear and the Wolf Paddle North
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    Islet 48 Development?

    Someone just told me that when he was at Islet 48 in July there was a building being built on the SW side of the islet with a picnic table, outhouse and massive firepit. Also a viewing platform with tent platforms on the larger part of the islet to the north. Can anyone confirm this? Have you...
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    Dry Suits - Kokatat / Stohlquist / NRS

    A friend has asked me for advice on which dry suit he should choose. He has access to good pricing on Kokatat, NRS and Stohlquist. I know that there are other brands, however, he will choose one of these three. I have always chosen Kokatat and have zero experience with other brands or their...
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    Randy Washburne - The Kayak Biz

    Read Randy Washburne’s enlightening account of his life experiences in the Kayak Business. His honest, entertaining and self-deprecating account is reminiscent of Mark Twain, Thomas Berger or WCP’s own Philip Torrens. Example below: “One year I was invited to appear at a kayak symposium on...
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    Kayak Bill - Foraging

    Disclaimer: I Am far from an expert on the ins and outs of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. As interested as I am in the topic, I find that my distaste for all stages of food preparation makes it more likely that my hair will grow back than that I might become someone you should look to for...
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    Seymour Inlet Portage - 1985

    In 1985 Randy Washburne undertook a 90 NM trip from Telegraph Cove to Burnett Bay that involved a convoluted route through the crisscross of inlets starting near the Broughtons (Drury Inlet) and exiting through Slingsby Channel. He knew that the route would include a couple of portages but felt...
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    South Queen Charlotte Islands - 1974

    I just completed transferring Randy Washburne's 1974 trip report from its original format to my blog. Lots of change in 45 years. I really like this article which includes a number of Randy's illustrations. Enjoy...
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    Randell Washburne Site Gone?

    Just realized the Randell Washburne's website ( is gone and apparently belongs to someone else now. Does anyone have any information on that? Jon
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    Dazed and Confused

    August 11 / Day 14 Heavy fog to low overcast, Winds calm increasing to W @ 15 knots, Seas calm to swells to 1.5 meter with 2-foot windwaves, Seas rippled As hard as it was to be facing another day of paddling in fog, I knew that this was my one weather window to cross Queen Charlotte Strait...
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    Kayak Bill Camp Images Wanted

    The map at the BC Marine Trails web site shows a camp on Seaforth Channel listed as Denniston Point West. The photo used shows the remains of Kayak Bill’s camp. He called this Dufferin Island Camp. Can anyone put me in touch with the person...
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    Cranstown Point Cabin

    Denis Dwyer just posted this on the Inside Passage Facebook site: I received the following email from fellow paddler Glenn Lewis announcing the location of a new cabin that he took part in constructing along the BC coast at Cranstown Point near Rivers Inlet. This is an excellent location for a...
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    Beach Architecture

    How do you feel about “Beach Architecture”? I’m thinking about driftwood structures that are built by paddlers for their use and left in place upon their departure. Maybe a simple wind break on a wilderness beach, or a seating area, benches and table, maybe a pole with a rope to string a tarp...
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    Klemtu 2 Port Hardy 2017

    I finally got this report to the point that I'm not too embarrassed by it. Still doing some editing. Maybe you'll see someone you know.
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    Breakfast with Kayak Bill

    About 2 ½ years ago I connected with Colin Lake from Ottawa. He is the “recent college grad” that I referred to in this posting on Bill’s Roar Islet Camp. Earlier this week he sent me some memories of his time spent with Bill Davidson and his blessing to post them on my blog. Please enjoy...
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    Kayak Bill Camps

    At one point or another every paddler who travels the BC coastal waters hears about Kayak Bill Davidson. For me it came on August 4, 2005 in the Shearwater bar at the culmination of my first coastal kayaking trip with Dave Resler, Keith Blumhagen and Larry Longrie. Having run out of food we...
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    Klemtu 2 Port Hardy 2017

    I'm taking the Saturday sailing out of Port Hardy and getting off at Klemtu. Will take a loop around Aristazabal and then make my way back to Port Hardy. Here's a link to the trip with the route and my Spot address. Jon...
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    Kayak Bill Camps Question

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    Bella Bella 2 Prince Rupert 2015