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  1. kayakwriter

    Online VHF courses, April 28, May 10

    Hi all, Just a head's up we have a few spaces left in our April 28 online VHF course, and several left in our May 10 one. The May 10 one will probably be the last online VHF course I'll be teaching until the fall, as I'll be ramping up the in-person, on-water teaching and guiding...
  2. kayakwriter

    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    After weeks of planning, we caught the 9AM ferry on Friday from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay, and, as hoped, had our car on the upper deck so we didn’t have to leave the vehicle. I’d rooftopped my personal kayak; my two accomplices in kayaking had rented boats from Pacifica Paddlesports. Peter met...
  3. kayakwriter

    Kayaks to the rescue!

    Mike McHolm, my fellow guide at Jericho Beach Kayak, made his first ever Mayday call yesterday....
  4. kayakwriter

    Field Repair Kit

    I'm packing for a quick trip to the Gulf Islands next weekend and I snapped a picture of my field repair kit to share with the students in my online trip planning courses. So of course I'll share it with you all too. Contents all in a transparent hard case (because tools and metal spare parts...
  5. kayakwriter

    WCP offline from about 7PM to 8PM March 22

    Hi all, The tireless Tongo-Rad will be doing a bit of behind the scenes maintenance this Monday evening. Cheers, Philip
  6. kayakwriter

    WCP offline night/morning of March 23/24 for migration

    Hi all, Green Geeks will be migrating our server sometime between 11PM PST March 23 and 7AM PST March 24, 2021. We don't expect to be offline for this entire time, just for some period during these hours. Cheers, Philip
  7. kayakwriter

    Helinox chair hack

    So I know a bunch of us have Helinox chairs (or knocks-off thereof). I'd lost the two back leg casters on mine, when I stumbled across this hack on one of my Facebook groups: replacing them with plastic plumbing tees. The originator of this idea used bungi cords to create little garter stocking...
  8. kayakwriter

    added a UV flashlight to my field repair kit

    I carry both UV-activated quick repair patches for my boat and the UV-activated version of Aquaseal. Despite the "works even on cloudy days" reassurance, I have experienced gloomy PNW days where I couldn't get UV Aquaseal to cure (to be fair, it was the kind of weather in which Dracula could...
  9. kayakwriter

    Online Trip Planning Course

    I'm once again kinda bending the rules around commercial postings because 1. this is relevant. 2. it provides me with income, some of which I use to pay the costs of running WCP. FYI, I'm teaching the Wednesday nights series of this course, so you can use that info to either encounter or avoid...
  10. kayakwriter

    Parking near Swartz Bay ferry terminal

    Going to my happy place by planning future trips. We're thinking of doing a Portland Island weekend in April. When going solo, I've often wheeled my kayak on board at Tsawwassen, but group logistics make it easier to take my car across this time. In the past, you used to be able to park your car...
  11. kayakwriter

    Get paid to paddle: summer jobs at Jericho Beach Kayak

    I'm once again bending the rules around commercial postings a little bit, mostly because this is an opportunity for a paddling company to give you money, rather than the other way around! For those who've worked for or been clients of Ecomarine in...
  12. kayakwriter

    Unboxing Counterfeit Level Six Dry Suit From Amazon!

    I've never owned or used any gear from Level Six, nor can I access any pro deals from them via my current employer, so I don't have any dogs in this fight, beyond the fact that it's hugely educational to see the differences between knock-off and brand-name dissected. <iframe width="560"...
  13. kayakwriter

    new DNA insights into the populating of North American

    Not directly kayaking related, but I know from previous discussions on WCP that a lot of us who've paddled on the BC and/or Alaskan coast feel huge respect for the First Nations who did it long before us, and without Gore-Tex, carbonfibre, or neoprene. So it tends to promote an interest in...
  14. kayakwriter

    more park land in the Octopus Islands

    Great news for anyone who's ever kayaked in this lovely area
  15. kayakwriter

    kayaker MIA near Sooke
  16. kayakwriter

    stuck 2-piece paddle hack

    So as a lot of folks on here have, I experienced a 2-piece paddle frozen into a one piece paddle yesterday (a Werner Athena). I'd tried pouring water over the ferrule area to dissolve whatever salt crystals might be locking it, but that didn't work. So I brought it home, stood it vertically in...
  17. kayakwriter

    Was that kayak stolen?

    You can search for boats by their Hull Identification Number here to see if they've been reported stolen. Since 1982, manufacturers in Canada and the States have been required to put one on all their boats. On kayaks, it may be stamped or engraved at the stern, usually near or on the line where...
  18. kayakwriter

    Was that kayak stolen?

    I just learned about this resource for looking up boats by Hull Identification Number. A good way to be sure you're not buying stolen property, and also a possible way to do the rightful owner a solid if you see a boat you think might have been stolen. Gonna cross-post this on the Buy-Sell forum.
  19. kayakwriter

    unplanned swim at Garry Point So as best I can tell from the photo, it was a sit-on-top boat. No immersion wear. This guy was lucky fishers were near to fish him out. I've paddled in that area and with an ebb...
  20. kayakwriter

    Online ROC (M) courses, January 30, March 9, and now March 18 A great holiday gift for yourself or the boater on your list, and a great, COVID-safe way to add to your sea-kayaking skills.