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  1. chodups

    Billy Davidson Book (Kayak Bill)

    It's been a long haul for Brandon and all of the folks waiting for it to come out. He spent a lot of time talking to friends, family and acquaintances of Billy's. I expect it may be equal parts inspirational and heartbreaking. Of interest to some may be that just one week ago I was...
  2. chodups

    MSR Dromedary or Dromolite Bags

    I'm familiar with the "spouts". I used to have some water bags with those and they never leaked. I always worried that they would but they didn't. Having that black protective cap is a nice touch.
  3. chodups

    MSR Dromedary or Dromolite Bags

    Thanks for the tip I like the looks of that. How about the cap?
  4. chodups

    Fort Ward & Middle Point, central Puget Sound, WA 10–11 Apr 2021

    Funny to see you sitting there reading a book on the beach at Blakley Rock. My only stop there looked similar until a container ship bound for Tacoma passed by and the wake nearly swept me away. I recognized my situation early enough to zip up my drysuit and grab the bow toggle of my Coho...
  5. chodups

    MSR Dromedary or Dromolite Bags

    I used some of these really early on but, like you, I didn't trust the lid and I don't like the way they pack. The Reliant folding jugs, even when empty have a footprint inside your boat that a Dromedary Bag or something similar does not have. I find that bags have more flexibility in where I...
  6. chodups

    MSR Dromedary or Dromolite Bags

    I think that maybe some parts of the world have wonderful tasting water in abundance and the taste that my Dromedary bags may or may not impart would not be acceptable. Wish it were so on the BC Coast but, to me, water is like food. I need to drink and eat but the whole food preparation thing...
  7. chodups

    MSR Dromedary or Dromolite Bags

    I have a bunch of MSR waterbags. A few of the classic black Dromedary bags go back 15 years old. I also have some red coated fabric DromLite bags plus a couple of those grey vinyl feeling Dromlites. I've never had an issue with taste because the BC water isn't that tasty to begin with...
  8. chodups


    That's a lot of kit for $1500.
  9. chodups

    Kevlar Mariner Express $3500 CAD

    Is that automotive paint? Stunning.
  10. chodups

    Asleep at the Wheel

    I see what you did there!
  11. chodups

    Asleep at the Wheel

    Some of you know Rhonda Schwab. Maybe she has done glass work for you through her business, Kayakers Go Coastal, or through her coaching work ( BCU Coach Level 2 and 4 Star Sea Certification, and ACA Certificated instructor Level Four, Open Water and Surf.) Well, her house got run into by a...
  12. chodups

    Deep Thoughts on a Shallow River

    Nicely done, Brandon. Thanks for posting.
  13. chodups

    Another GPS Question

    The Garmin phone support have always been very helpful to me. I wouldn't hesitate to call them and ask.
  14. chodups

    Sterling Reflection or CD Karla or...

    You will be a very happy boy! Enjoy. Sterling is a good partner.
  15. chodups

    Ikea Rensare Dry Bag

    I use a triangular Sealine bag for clothing in the bow. I have a jute line attached to it as a retrieval line and stuff it as far forward as it will go with my folded Sven Saw which lays along the keel behind it. I use jute because it is light and reasonably strong but also flammable so it I...
  16. chodups

    Ikea Rensare Dry Bag

    A Mariner, right?
  17. chodups

    Ikea Rensare Dry Bag

    Ya know, I only have so much tolerance for the results of experimentation. One of the ways we manage risk is by finding what works and eliminating it as a possible source of failure. Big stuff. Little stuff. It all matters at some point in time and if your lunch bag leaks and you have to...
  18. chodups

    Ikea Rensare Dry Bag

    Yeah. The bombproof PVC jobs are dead to me. I gave them all away to folks who would be happy with their compromises. That said I understand that the lighter weight "slippery" bags are more delicate but I've never had one fail. This OR 5 litre "lunch bag" that I destroyed breaks my heart...
  19. chodups

    Ikea Rensare Dry Bag

    I don't have the comparative specs for other drybags that I use but the price is pretty darn intriguing. $4. Really? For a 9 litre drybag? Yeah. Interesting. I do wonder about the durability of the material and welds. I'm also curious about the texture of the outside as if it doesn't...
  20. chodups

    The Psychology of Solo Tripping

    Interesting article