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  1. mick_allen

    2 rowing deaths

    Not completely pertinent to us: rowers typically are in thin, light, tight clothing and do not wear pfds [sometimes have smallish 'bouyancy aids' close or around waist - but bodies found on bottom so not used/present] But high winds, 'freezing temps' and very cold water. Looks like everybody...
  2. mick_allen

    Photo & Video Atlas of WHOLE BC & WASHINGTON COASTLINES!!!

    This is unbelievable: a video and photo atlas of the whole bc coast. Some parts are dated and low quality helicopter video only: others have both with great 6000 x 4000 px shots every 100 m or so . . . I've only looked at a few locations to get a feel, but it's amazing...
  3. mick_allen

    Licenses for paddling Canoes, Kayaks, & SUPs proposed - WA state bill?

    Coming soon for you?
  4. mick_allen

    Barricaded Trails/Roads to Public Lakes or Rivers

    There's a fascinating case being appealed in BC courts today with regards to a landowner gating historic trails and roads through his private lands to several public lakes...
  5. mick_allen

    W Ballenas Island - IT'S DONE!

    I just saw that a large proportion of the funds necessary have been raised to save West Ballenas Island for BC Parks, but there was not very much time given or left to complete the last 12% necessary. Just until Nov 17th, but it's possible. here's the story...
  6. mick_allen

    Orcas attacking boats in europe

    I've been seeing a few news stories about unprovoked and seemingly coordinated attacks against sailboats off Spain:
  7. mick_allen

    The Canoe and PostModernism - locked

    This topic is locked [and may be deleted] as it is political . . . . . But I just noticed that there are 2 more Canadian books [westcoast authors, too!] taking us on - with respect to our main subject. I had known about: Inheriting a Canoe Paddle: The Canoe in Discourses of English-Canadian...
  8. mick_allen

    VHF weather reports under threat?

    not on west coast yet, but some on east:
  9. mick_allen

    Grizzly chases Kayaker!

    Ok, so be careful out there, huh?
  10. mick_allen

    No, no, no: - it's a maskik not a masik!

    as every skin on frame kayaker knows! and then if you are getting better, it can support the 'recovery':
  11. mick_allen

    The Alligator Roll

    A little intimidating:
  12. mick_allen

    Waves like liquid metal!

    another amazing one from Chris Bryan:
  13. mick_allen

    Pyranha 9RII ww kayak recall

    Pyranha 9R11 kayak sometimes has a gap betw hull and back back of pillar that can catch a shoe sole: Pillar Issue: news story: pyranha website info...
  14. mick_allen

    Porteau Cove Parking - simple long term permits!

    from an Site Condition Report to the BC marine trails: From sea to sky You can park overnight at Porteau Cove in the day use parking lot for up to 7 nights. You would need to arrange a parking permit for overnight parking which can be arranged from the gatehouse when you arrive at the park...
  15. mick_allen

    Princess Louisa South shore crowdfunding successful

    While I think that this is quite remote, dark [N shores of high mountains], and inhospitable [steep relief down to water] - the BC parks foundation has managed to raise enough money to buy it...
  16. mick_allen

    Oceanography of BC Coast - pdf

    I just noticed this - it's gotta be one of the more interesting and useful books about this whole general area: download while you can!
  17. mick_allen

    Kayaker fatality - Sunshine Coast

    A kayaker has been missing since monday after going out from the Roberts Ck area of the south Sunshine Coast.
  18. mick_allen

    Drowning caused by leashing

    An unfortunate but interesting leash issue in current: an experienced paddleboarder drowns because of the tether - quick release might [might] have been useful:
  19. mick_allen

    Jervis Inlet Groundproofing

    Along with all the growing success in Howe Sound and the attention to North East Bay [Texada Is E], a couple of us decided to bite the bullet and groundproof all the sites and islands in the lower part of Jervis Inlet including Hotham Sound. So as with Howe Sound, we gathered all...
  20. mick_allen

    Convicted! - Even 3rd person in canoe can be charged with 'impaired driving!'

    get a load of this: A judge ruled that you can be charged with impaired operation regardless of where you are sitting...