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  1. kayakwriter

    Dual control?

    This makes me think of those episodes of the "Mayday" TV show (reenactments of real plane crashes) where the problem is the pilot and co-pilot each think the other is reacting wrongly to the situation and they keep wresting control back and forth until...
  2. kayakwriter

    Online VHF courses, April 28, May 10

    Hi all, Just a head's up we have a few spaces left in our April 28 online VHF course, and several left in our May 10 one. The May 10 one will probably be the last online VHF course I'll be teaching until the fall, as I'll be ramping up the in-person, on-water teaching and guiding...
  3. kayakwriter

    SOLD! - FOR SALE: Essentially all the gear that you need except the boat!

    Hey Kasey, Thanks for all your contributions over the years. I hope that you'll continue to paddle with us, if only vicariously. And you're welcome to keep on giving us the benefit of your wisdom.
  4. kayakwriter

    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    The above image is a scan from a series of strip charts of the Gulf Islands the Government used to publish. They were extremely useful for and popular with kayakers and other small boaters, so naturally Canadian Hydrographic Services stopped printing them years ago. Anyhow, since they're strip...
  5. kayakwriter

    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    Peter from Pacifica gave us a pass to put on our dash, so I assume you need to be doing business with one of the companies in the marina for it to be free. Whether you can just pay for parking or not, I don't know, but you could contact Canoe Cove Marina.
  6. kayakwriter

    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    After weeks of planning, we caught the 9AM ferry on Friday from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay, and, as hoped, had our car on the upper deck so we didn’t have to leave the vehicle. I’d rooftopped my personal kayak; my two accomplices in kayaking had rented boats from Pacifica Paddlesports. Peter met...
  7. kayakwriter

    Kayaks to the rescue!

    Mike McHolm, my fellow guide at Jericho Beach Kayak, made his first ever Mayday call yesterday....
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    Portage system suggestions?

  9. kayakwriter

    Howe Sound sites — wow!!

    We did a trip to the Islet View site this past August. Beautiful. Thanks everyone!
  10. kayakwriter

    Field Repair Kit

    That had always been my understanding too. But the little white disc of beeswax came with my Gearlab Greenland paddle. I put a very thin layer on the male ferrule and wipe it with a cloth - there doesn't seem to be enough residue to hold sand or grit.
  11. kayakwriter

    Field Repair Kit

    Yup. I bought these mini rolls in a Gear Aid kit, but they were ridiculously expensive per foot. If you're going for the minimalist approach, you could roll/wrap your own from some like the Gorilla Weatherproof tape. If you put it around your paddle shaft it would effectively take up no room...
  12. kayakwriter

    Field Repair Kit

    I'm packing for a quick trip to the Gulf Islands next weekend and I snapped a picture of my field repair kit to share with the students in my online trip planning courses. So of course I'll share it with you all too. Contents all in a transparent hard case (because tools and metal spare parts...
  13. kayakwriter

    Portage system suggestions?

    "Have the edge in moving water" - I see what you did there! And yes, I agree that a boat with a bow and stern paddler who know what they're doing will have the edge over a single sea kayak because of their ability to crank turns from either end. My approach to The Chute and suchlike whitish...
  14. kayakwriter

    Portage system suggestions?

    I've done the Bowrons three times, once solo kayaking, once in a solo kayak with my wife and a friend in a double kayak, and once as the bow paddler in a canoe with a skilled canoeist in the stern. The appeal of the kayaks for me was that I'm simply not that skilled a canoeist. So handling a...
  15. kayakwriter

    Portage system suggestions?

    I did the Bowrons on a solo kayak trip years ago. I wound up doing a "two carry" at each portage to keep below the 28kg. But if you can carry more weight (the denser items) in your backpack, you may be able to do a "one carry" with backpack and boat on wheels. Remember, you're not having to...
  16. kayakwriter

    WCP offline from about 7PM to 8PM March 22

    Hi all, The tireless Tongo-Rad will be doing a bit of behind the scenes maintenance this Monday evening. Cheers, Philip
  17. kayakwriter

    Parking near Swartz Bay ferry terminal

    I'm proud to say they were my co-workers at Jericho Beach Kayak
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    WCP offline night/morning of March 23/24 for migration

    Hi all, Green Geeks will be migrating our server sometime between 11PM PST March 23 and 7AM PST March 24, 2021. We don't expect to be offline for this entire time, just for some period during these hours. Cheers, Philip
  19. kayakwriter

    added a UV flashlight to my field repair kit

    Given the spa is more likely to be in operation on cold and rainy days, I was thinking some soothing herbal tea. Or, if your tastes run that way, you could hotbox, er, I mean smudge the interior of the tent with smoke from other medicinal herbs...
  20. kayakwriter

    added a UV flashlight to my field repair kit

    (Yeah, I know I'm way overthinking this; we all geek out in our own ways:-) So I discovered that the RapidFix quick patch company makes its own branded UV light, meaning of course I had to pick one up. Picture attached allowing you to compare the size to the other UV flashlight and to a...