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    Lake Union in Seattle - One of our favorites 4/23/2022

    So much to see around Lake Union, from the Seattle city skyline, to houseboats, floatplanes, sailboats, yachts, even hot tub boats :cool: ! Passed many other kayakers, paddleboarders, canoeists ... this is a popular trip. We put in at Goose Beach on the south end and paddled anti-clockwise...
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    Broken Islands by canoe

    Hi, We are thinking of canoeing (open canoe) in some of the Broken Group Islands (BGI) but I'm a bit concerned about safety. (Other than around a sheltered bay, I haven't canoed in ocean before.) We would go around Sep 4th and perhaps get a shuttle to Dodd island, then paddle to stay overnight...
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    free virtual paddle race