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current designs

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    SOLD! - Current Designs – Solstice GT (Titan) Kayak

    $2,750 including 'EXTRAS' The ‘flagship’ of the Current Designs touring fleet ($5,500 new) Kevlar hull Great shape - attractive colour and design Weighs 49 lbs! Good for day paddles and expeditions Length 17’7" Beam 24.25" Rare ‘high volume’ model (30% more volume) Stored elevated on straps in...
  2. S

    Current Designs Solstice ST rudder cable replacement

    Hi…. I have a 1994 fiberglass Current Designs Solstice ST that needs a new rudder cable. Last year the opposite side was replaced and required a lot of twisting and poking to get through but after a few painful hours it was completed. I am using 1/16” marine grade SS cable as required and...
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    $1000 - Like New - Current Designs Raven Kayak + Paddle + Cockpit Cover

    A serious kayak for paddle crazy kids and small adults. Savvy children will love the responsiveness of this performance-oriented kayak. The Raven is a sleek 20" wide for easy paddling, with a hard chine for excellent stability and predictable feel when edging to carve a turn. It is fully...
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    Solstice GT by Current Designs

    I have a nice fast Solstice GT by Current Designs up for sale. I need to power wash it for the season and just haven't yet. New $3599.00 but my divorce equals your savings and I'd take $1800.00 obo. Thanks for looking. Cheers!
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    SOLD! - Current Designs 17’7” GTS

    With cockpit cover and skirt. Stored inside. Purchased new in 2017. Only in the water twice, like new. Asking $1,450.00. A steal of a deal. For full specs please see the manufacturers website here: https://www.cdkayak.com/Kayaks.aspx?id=35 Maximum Load: 400 lbs. Fiberglass - 52 lbs. / MSRP...
  6. stagger

    Current Designs Pisces?

    I have a line on a couple CD Pisces 17 (one is 17.5) for $800 each. Because I live inland, I generally rent kayaks for expeditions but at this price they'd pay for themselves pretty quick - about a year. I can't find much info on this model online; I gather they're an early model. I'm not...