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double kayak

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    Double Kayak for Rent

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a double kayak to rent for the upcoming MOMAR in September. I had a line on a double kayak but it fell through. We are experienced paddlers (canoe and single kayak) but need a double for the race. I am in the Comox Valley but willing to travel a bit to pick...
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    SOLD! Valley Aleut II Double Kayak (Two-Piece Take-Apart) CAD $3,600

    Valley Aleut II Double Kayak (Two-Piece Take-Apart) The Valley Aleut II is one of the best ocean double kayaks on the market. Manufactured in Nottingham, England, Valley Sea Kayaks are known for their combination of performance, stability, and durability. The Aleut II is no exception, bringing...
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    Transport from Vancouver to Powell River

    Hi there - we are heading over in July to Kayak from Powell River to Prince Rupert. Our double take apart 2 piece kayak will be sea freighted to Vancouver from NZ. I am finding it difficult getting ourselves and our rather large kayak to Powell River. Just wondering anyone has any ideas on...