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    Salt Spring Island to Wallace Island, August 4 2023

    The Canadian Gulf Islands truly have world class sea kayaking. Finally catching up on publishing some epic kayaking trips from last summer. I highly recommend check this one out as you ponder your plans for the upcoming season. In this one I kayak from Southey Point at the north end of Salt...
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    Baker Lake, WA 23 June 2023

    A must-paddle mountain lake kayaking destination if you haven't already done it, just south of Mt Baker. Variety of day trips or overnight kayak camping options available. We camped at Horseshoe Cove. There are also multiple remote kayak camping options available at Maple Grove and Anderson...
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    Lake Washington, Medina Beach Park to Yarrow Point, WA 21 August, 2022

    Perfect conditions for a half-day paddle on this scenic trip from Medina Park Beach, along the incredible Medina waterfront, north under 520 bridge, past Evergreen Point, Hunt Point, and stopped at Yarrow Point Beach for a picnic and rest before returning. Video on YouTube. PERFECT Kayaking Day...
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    Top 10 Kayaking Trips in WA for 2021

    Happy New Year Everyone! Over the holidays we had fun reminiscing in trips from last season and put together this countdown of our top 10 kayaking spots in Washington State for 2021, ranked based on their spectacular scenery, interesting things to explore, wildlife including birdlife and...
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    Chuckanut Island Kayaking in 4K UHD

    Had a great kayak trip to Chuckanut Island in the Pacific Northwest near Bellingham, WA. Here are video highlights from the trip starting at Larrabee State Park Boat Launch and heading north to Chuckanut Island, with video in 4K UHD with drone aerials, including: - Location of Chuckanut Island...