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    SOLD! - Current Designs – Solstice GT (Titan) Kayak

    $2,750 including 'EXTRAS' The ‘flagship’ of the Current Designs touring fleet ($5,500 new) Kevlar hull Great shape - attractive colour and design Weighs 49 lbs! Good for day paddles and expeditions Length 17’7" Beam 24.25" Rare ‘high volume’ model (30% more volume) Stored elevated on straps in...
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    SOLD! - NIMBUS Horizon Kayak

    Nimbus Horizon Kevlar Ocean Kayak, Great shape - no repairs, attractive colour and design One of the best Kayak's on the market according to all accounts Weighs 41 lbs! Good for day paddles and expeditions Length 16'3" Beam 23.5" Depth 14" Cockpit 31.5" x 15.5" Stored elevated on straps in...
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    SOLD! - BorealDesign Ellesmere 17' kelvar - for sale $2,700CAD

    Beautiful, high performance boat. It is around 12 -13 years old and is in great shape. This Ellesmere is from before BD sent their manufacturing overseas, so designed and made in Canada. Always stored indoors, typical use scratches on the bottom, nothing structural or deep. Hatches are dry and...
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    Nimbus Kevlar Double With Accessories

    Nimbus kevlar double kayak with some accessories. Purchased at Ecomarine on Granville Island. At 18.5 ft the boat is small enough to paddle as a single. It is about 10 yrs old but has experienced only about 30 hrs of use. I am it's only owner and it has always been stored in a heated garage...