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seaward passat g3

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    SOLD! - Seaward Passat G3 Fibreglass Double Kayak $2700

    This beauty is ready for a new home as it is seldom used. Originally from the Yukon, she has paddled in the famed Yukon River Quest paddling race 3 times with strong finishes. She has also spent time exploring Yukon's lakes. Since moving to Vancouver Island 5 years ago, she has yet to dip her...
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    SOLD! - Valley Etain 17,7 glass and Seaward Passat G3

    Hello there :-) We are 6 Norwegians paddling from Vancouver to Prince Rupert, starting June 4. We are planning to be back in Vancouver around July 27. and leaving for Norway Aug 1. We have bought the kayaks used from Ecomarine and will use them on the trip. We do not know the condition they will...