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    Wilderness Systems Tempest 180 Pro $1100 USD

    Here's an opportunity to get a rare boat--the ultimate expedition and rough water kayak! Since WS stopped manufacturing fiberglass boats, most owners keep these for life. And I would keep this for life too, as this is my favorite boat in the water, but my worsening mobility issues due to...
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    WTB Wilderness Systems Tempest 170

    Hello, looking specifically for a WS Tempest 170, but possibly willing to entertain similar kayaks. Not super picky on color. Located in Bellingham, WA but willing to drive several hours for the right boat. Thanks!
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    FOUND! - ISO Wilderness Systems Tempest 165

    In search of a used plastic Tempest 165, preferably on Vancouver Island. Doesn't matter what colour. Let me know if you've got one you want to sell!