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    Kachess Lake, WA - Remote Cascade Mountain Lake Kayak / Camping - June 24/25, 2022

    Catching up on video for another great kayak / camping trip from the summer. In this one we did kayak camping at Kachess Lake in the Cascade Mountains just east of Seattle. We paddled from the launch at the north end of the Kachess Campground, north to the head of the lake, and the inflow of the...
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    Lake Union in Seattle - One of our favorites 4/23/2022

    So much to see around Lake Union, from the Seattle city skyline, to houseboats, floatplanes, sailboats, yachts, even hot tub boats :cool: ! Passed many other kayakers, paddleboarders, canoeists ... this is a popular trip. We put in at Goose Beach on the south end and paddled anti-clockwise...
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    Top 10 Kayaking Trips in WA for 2021

    Happy New Year Everyone! Over the holidays we had fun reminiscing in trips from last season and put together this countdown of our top 10 kayaking spots in Washington State for 2021, ranked based on their spectacular scenery, interesting things to explore, wildlife including birdlife and...