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2012 Broughton Archipelago at the Paddlers' Inn Trip(s)


Mar 8, 2005
Beautiful BC
Due to the number of responses from last year's trip to the Broughton at the Paddler's Inn, Bruce has graciously put together another package deal for WestCoastPaddler participants to spend some time at the Inn at a reduced price. If you've never been to the Broughton (and even if you have) this is a great opportunity to spend a few days in one of the nicest areas in BC. Please post any questions that you many have about the trip or the Broughton in this thread -- if you want to book spots on this trip, please contact Bruce directly at the e-mail address at the bottom of this post.

Paddlers’ Inn Broughton Archipelago Trip Specials
Three trips to choose from. (Min of 6, max of 12 participants).

June 27 – July 1
July 1 – 5
Sept 9 – 13

Trip Details:
Pick-up will be in Telegraph Cove with our water taxi. Passengers, kayaks, and gear included. June 27, July 1, & Sept 9 we will be departing from the North Island Kayak Dock in Telegraph Cove at 4:00pm. Arrive at Paddlers’ Inn 2 hours later, crossing Johnston Strait, and The Broughton Archipelago Marine Park, having had an opportunity to view the sights and wildlife that abound here. Hopefully we will see whales during our trip!

Guests will stay in the Floathouse Lodge, which has single and double rooms, a bathroom with shower, kitchen equipped with propane stove, fridge, and hot running water, and a dining/ lounging area with large picture windows. Beds and pillows have covers. Sleeping bags are recommended. Bedding is available for a fee. Private cabins are also available for an additional fee.

Bring your own food and prepare your our own meals. You may discuss amongst those attending whether you want to plan combined meals, take turns making dinners, or prepare meals for yourselves individually. The Inn has a good supply of cookware for all types of cooking and baking. If you prepare your meals as a group you may want to invite Bruce to join you for dinners as it's a great opportunity to learn about the Broughton and hear some fantastic stories of what it's like to homestead and live in the Broughton Archipelago.

Kayaks are available for rent at 50% off our regular rate, and an introductory lesson is available for anyone who is new to kayaking. People are free to explore the many marine trails that are available from Paddlers’ Inn ideal location. Bruce will provide an overview of the area, and a description of paddling options on the first morning, and upon request. Also see our website for “Places to paddle”. Water taxi drop-offs are available at an additional fee. On-site acupressure massage is available as well, for an additional fee. Hanging out at the lodge, and walking the forest trails can also be a great way to spend the day.

Return transportation to Port McNeill will once again be aboard our water taxi, departing Paddlers’ Inn July 1, 5, & Sept 13 at 9:00 am, and arriving in Telegraph Cove at about 11:00

The total cost for these trips will be: Return transportation + four nights for $400 + TX
For more information, or to confirm your place for a trip contact Bruce at info@paddlersinn.ca

A 25% non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required.

To see photos of the lodge and area, visit our website http://www.paddlersinn.ca.

You can also “Like” Paddlers Inn Facebook page by going to this link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Paddlers-Inn/180363341988680 and see more photos of the Inn and the area.
Paddler's Inn July1-4 trip

Boys and Girls, Andrea and I are now officially now booked in to the one bed "Love Shack", better for all, as my snoring and farting can be deadly! :oops: :yikes: BUT, we are interested who the others will be on this trip. Maybe plan one Pot Luck, and hopefully a few great paddles. Also share stories and more over some wobbly brews and what not.
So, if ya booked this trip pipe in.
We will have extra ear plugs on hand if there happens to be a guitar player :shock: :big_thumb Just kidding!
So, who's goin'?
Cool. I spoke to Bruce last night and there are a few people already confirmed for these trips. There's still room available but don't leave it too long -- it's first come, first serve.

Rod, I'll be there on that first trip -- and the second trip -- in fact, I'll be staying right through the summer, until September. I expect that I'll have a few photos by the time I get back home.
Gerhardt said:
This is a sweet deal. Paddler's Inn is pure magic.

I second that. For those who haven't been - do go. Great paddling, great hosting, the easy comradery of fellow paddlers around the communal table, hikes, warm cozy bedrooms, the option to do camping side trips, and some quirky West Coast culture within padding distance.
Just to let everyone know, there are still spots available for all the trips. If you've never been, it's a wonderful opportunity. The first and second trips are coming up quick.
Unfortunately, the first trip has been canceled due to not enough participants. The second trip (leaving July 1) is still on and there are a couple of spots left if you want to take advantage of this offer. There are also spots available for the September trip (Sept 9 – 13).

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in these trips -- and to those of you who had to cancel, see you next time around.
There is a very slight chance that I might be free to go on the July 1 trip, just wondering who else is planning on going at this time as car pooling ( you driving, me paying 75% gas) would be a huge plus for me as my truck would be slow and a real gas burner.
please pm me and maybe we can work something out. I'll know by Saturday if I can tear myself away from work or not.
ONLY 4 SLEEPS LEFT TO GO!!!! :yikes: :big_thumb :yikes:
:D :D :D
Hey Dan,
any idea what crabbing is like near the Inn, maybe bring my trap for some fresh din-din.. :popcorn:
Yup, it's coming up fast. I've actually already started packing (which is really unusual for me).

Not sure about the crabbing but it's probably a good idea to bring the trap. I'm sure Bruce will be able to tell you about any good, nearby locations.
Less than a month away from the September 9-13 trip and I believe there are a couple of seats left yet. Contact Bruce at info@paddlersinn.ca if you're interested in coming to the Broughton during the BEST month of the year (great weather, no people).

Are 2013 Broughton Archipelago at the Paddlers' Inn special trips going to proceed this year, and if so, have dates yet been ascertained? Would love to go.
Help For A Newbie

Dan_Millsip said:
Bring your own food and prepare your our own meals.
I hope all of you forgive me for my newbie questions and hope some of you can help me out, but I desperately want to kayak more and become more self sufficient doing it.

I have paddled for nearly 20 years but they have always been day trips or around here. Southern Saskatchewan is not a kayking haven, trust me. :lol: The two times I have been out to BC on extended trips I was with a tour company which basically took care of everything. To say the least I was for lack of a better word "coddled". They took care of everything, all I had to do basically was set up my tent at night which they provided and paddle during the day. They provided us with meals etc. and basically did everything for us. I know I really enjoyed what they had to offer and very appreciative, but I know now I would like to take advantage of trips such as this and I must admit I am a little lost.

I have taken the time and effort to equip both my boats with everything that I have read is necessary. I have camped in the past but I know much of my camping gear is too large, too heavy and maybe too cumbersome to use on a kayak trip. I know my meal preparation sucks, so do you have any thoughts for me, recommended reading etc.

Terry, learning on the job would be a good start and the best approach for you. West Coast Paddler spring campout is coming in April. You will learn everything you want to know about camping there. In the meantime borrow, not buy some basics, like tent, mat, sleeping bag and the stove to avoid costly mistakes.

In any case, your equipment collection will be constantly evolving until it reaches saturation point years later. At that time new equipment will be introduced on the market and you will be tempted to change this and that. In simple terms, equipment gathering is never endin process.
Terry, your question deserves a fresh new thread. People loove talking about gears and camping out of kayak.
Many have gear list on the file already( I do) to post it for you as a sample. And we can start from there. Fun, Fun FUN!!
sludge said:

Are 2013 Broughton Archipelago at the Paddlers' Inn special trips going to proceed this year, and if so, have dates yet been ascertained? Would love to go.
I spoke to Bruce and he said that he will be having another trip this year but won't know exactly when until May or June (when he better knows his reservations schedule).