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3 Person Tent Recommendations

I have a Kymit Static V Insulated Double mattress. I ended up buying it since I wanted a double mattress and my very narrow MSR Elixir 2 tent means most double mattresses are too wide. My experience is mixed.

-Reasonably comfortable, the V-baffles seemed a bit strange at first but actually don't bother my boyfriend and I at all when sleeping
-Easy enough to inflate with the dual function stuffsack/inflation tool
-Relatively inexpensive
-Available in Spring 2021
-Quick friendly customer service that happy replaces defective products without requiring to ship back the damaged item from Canada (more on this under cons)

-After about 8 nights of use the mattress developed a slow leak. Noticeably low in the morning but not low enough to be super uncomfortable. Required re-inflating each night. I contacted Klymit and they sent a replacement. Used the replacement about 15 nights with no issues. Recently set up the replacement in the house for guests. The replacement mattress also seems to have a slow leak. Contacted Klymit and they are now sending me a replacement product.
-I am hopeful that I've had bad luck and that my 3rd mattress is leak free but I am not holding my breath. Klymit says refund is not an option since I purchased from Amazon, not directly from Klymit. However, they appear willing to work with me so if this one also leaks I might request replacement in the form of a hammock/other products.

-Based on my experience so far I probably wouldn't buy another mattress from them. I've owned therm-a-rests for years with no issues. I am hesitant to take this too far off the beaten track for fear of sleeping on a flat air mattress for a substantial portion of my trip
Thanks Natasha for sharing your experience with Klymit sleeping pad. I wonder if I should take a long my old Thermarest just in case? I bought two Static V Lux through eBay for a very reasonable price, worked out to around $80 each. I've already sold the one I bought for my wife to a friend and have purchased a Eureka Green River sleeping pad for her, which she tried out last night and is very happy with, so I am happy too.

On Cougarmeat's recommendation, I have bought a Sea to Summit Event Compression Dry Sack, so are ready for our spring backcountry adventure.