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3 times across the Atlantic by kayak


Jun 30, 2012
Kodiak, Alaska
This was a good listen. It recounts the 3 times the Pole Aleksander Doba crossed the Atlantic Ocean solo and [mostly] unassisted and tries to explain his motivations.

NYTimes podcasts The Daily

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Great podcast! Thanks for sharing. Hard to imagine that amount of paddling. Of course, I've always felt it's a bit of a stretch to call the "vessel" he paddled a "kayak," but it was still under human power, so still impressive!

I'm interested in learning more about the longest/most perilous ocean crossings ever made by people in "normal" sea kayaks. Just because I don't know what is considered the upper limit of long-distance, open water travel in a normal sea kayak? (As opposed to coastal paddling, where I'm assuming people have paddled thousands of miles.)

SWriverstone, look up Ed Gilett's trip to Hawaii. Pretty much the limit, I'd say.
Ed did it without GPS and no “support” crew to set up camp and cook meals. I’m not impressed with just paddling long miles. The skill/challenge is in handling your own logistics without some truck/van following along on shore to meet you at the next camp site.
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