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7 days in Nuchatlitz--by canoe


Jan 2, 2014
My partner and I recently spent 7 days paddling our canoe in the Nuchatlitz area on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I posted 7 short videos (roughly 3-4 minutes each) of our trip. Here's the first one, and there's a link at the end of each to the next one. I've also posted a pic of our route.

Days 1-7 GPS routes.jpg
I really enjoy your videos as they sure show how it's all about just getting out there. You seem to select such good locations and make good crossing or outing decisions to make it all look easy.

On a side note, I notice there seems to be about a 1000m long beach of which your 'Espinosa Inlet N' is part of. You picked a good location with water, but did you explore upland at all? Was there an old log landing [meaning a big flat area] on part of that estuary, and do you remember other likely camping/stopping locations along that 1km stretch?

[in the jpg below I've marked locations as EspinosaInE1,2 etc.]