a Howe Sound site: Watts Point S


Paddler & Moderator
May 15, 2005
Howe Sound has dramatic topography and yet is immediately adjacent and central to several major communities: Gibsons, Squamish, and Vancouver. For the upcoming Sea to Sky Marine Trail as well as the more general BC Marine Trails Network, sites in this area are important because of the potential high and increasing demand and yet are extremely difficult to find because of the major and rising development from these population centres as well as because of the rugged terrain and often strong winds and waves.

So firstly, paddlers have to come to terms with the fact that most area's beaches consist of rugged, sharp rocks varied in size around 600mm (2 feet) in diameter! ie big, sharp boulders. Sure there are a few beaches with sand or gravel or pebbles, but otherwise, if a network of marine trail sites are to be established, you got to take what you can.

In any event, Nick Heath and I have been out a couple of days in the last 2weeks - and for presentation's sake here's one of them with a bedrock shelf landing. I've been past this location quite a few times, but didn't stop and look . . . . sometimes you've just got to stop and see what's what. It's actually a nice, sheltered (from N winds), south facing, site! A diamond truly in the rough.

The curious and tentative approach:

The amazing little campsite:

The layout:

The boat (and landing): beater 17-18' wide stable open aluminum skiff, twin 30's, 100+ litres gas, centre throne seats, lunch and snacks, multiple gps's, maps, and many sites to check out. Oh yeah, look at Howe Sound purring like a kitten: 15 minutes before this picture was taken, I was wondering if we should turn back!