A (mostly) windless day on Indian Arm


Oct 27, 2020
Today was forecast to have very little wind. I thought this would be a good opportunity to take the Stellar S18R I tried out a few months ago on a longer trip. Given how narrow it is, I figured flat water would be helpful as I continue to get acquainted with it. I've been taking my Rapier out fairly often, and I find it less stable than this Stellar, so was quite eager to see how this handled a longer day paddle. Or rather, how I handle it.
The evening before I had adjusted the seat forward. If I've got one gripe about Stellars it's the process for moving the seat forward. It involves undoing four 8mm nuts which are located between the seat pan and the hull of the kayak. Not so much of an issue on their wider offerings, but the S18R really doesn't have a lot of space to work with.

Anyways, I set out from the Belcarra picnic area, which is a good spot if you happen to live east of the arm.


I adjusted the foot pedals before setting out, but after a little while I felt I had them a bit too far. It's possible to adjust them while on the water, but it not simple. There's a flip lock in the middle of the foot board, and one at each side. It's a fussy thing to adjust but once in place it's really solid. I drew inspiration from it when building the footboard for my Rapier.
Anyhow, I stopped at the beach near Jug island to do those adjustments.
This was actually the only spot where I hit wind. But it wasn't around for long. By the time I was done fiddling around the wind had died down.


I carried on along the east side of the Arm, making my way up to the old Powerhouse. Such a cool old building.


As I continued to creep up the arm the sun was doing its best to peek through. Eventually it won out.


I stopped for a quick lunch near Bishop Creek. The sun was out for about 10 glorious minutes.


Looking at the progress I was making I opted to head back at this point. The gate shuts at 5, so I wanted to give myself enough time to make it back with a bit of cushion. I ended up making it back by 3, so probably could have gone the few remaining kilometers to the end of the Arm and still made it. But better to be safe.

The way back was pretty uneventful. A boat went by with so much smoke pouring out I thought it might have had a fire aboard, but it was very blue, so probably just engine issues. It made it to a dock, so I assume that was the plan all along.

All told a good day paddling.