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added a UV flashlight to my field repair kit


Feb 27, 2006

I carry both UV-activated quick repair patches for my boat and the UV-activated version of Aquaseal. Despite the "works even on cloudy days" reassurance, I have experienced gloomy PNW days where I couldn't get UV Aquaseal to cure (to be fair, it was the kind of weather in which Dracula could have been daywalking without fear). So I just picked up a UV flashlight from Crappy Tire (it took me longer than it should have to find it on the store rack, because if you look, the English product title doesn't mention UV, only the French one does. Good thing I'm bilingualish.) Anyhow, it's sized to fit in my existing field repair kit, and I'm thinking it will be handy for super cloudy days, patches on the insides of a kayak where sunlight doesn't reach, or damage discovered only during late afternoon/early evenings, when you need to have repairs completed before morning.
I had no idea near-UV flashlights had become such a product category. Some of the uses are interesting- here is one from the States:
This blacklight flashlight will make scorpions glow brilliantly, illuminating and revealing themselves to you with the power of blacklight. The first step in scorpion elimination is scorpion detection. Whether you are looking for scorpions in your home, yard or campsite, this quality UV scorpion flashlight will do the job. Illuminate scorpions with the power of 28 LED's. Wherever your scorpion problem is and no matter what forms of scorpion pest control you've tried without this scorpion flashlight, you can't do it right.
which really makes me glad that I have never had the scorpion problem being on the BC west coast. Also good for finding cat pee.
Are these the black light flashlights? If so, you can use them to find scorpions at night. For some reason, they glow under black light. Pictures attached of no black light and with blacklight (hand shown for size).

That said, Not sure if you have them up there in the Great White North...

I really like the fact that dry suits and raingear can so easily and quickly be repaired. I have not been looking forward to the day that the feet in my dry pants start leaking. To be able to repair in the field without suffering cold wet feet until the end of a trip sounds like a good reason to visit Canadian Tire.
Why is it that as soon as I read about UV flashlights and glowing scorpions that I imagine some brother giving his sister a UV flashlight for a present after secretly “modifying” her room with images (of scorpions, etc.) on Stick-On transparent tape that are only visible in UV light.

Maybe somewhere in my past the scales of justice have yet to be balanced.

Some novelty stores sell UV flashlights that illuminate invisible ink. I believe the lights have different UV frequencies so just being “UV” might not be enough to assure it will work as intended.
In a classic photographic lens forum that I follow, this Ikea product has been recommended, since it emits quite a bit of UV. Also cheap, easy to pack and USB powered.
Background: Some old lenses were built with “thoriated glass”. Thorium radioactive decay causes these lenses turn yellow with age. UV light temporarily eliminates the yellow. Thorium is mildly radioactive and no problem outside the body. Just don’t shatter one inside your house and inhale the resulting dust. Also, some countries may take exception to your radioactive camera gear.

(Yeah, I know I'm way overthinking this; we all geek out in our own ways:)


So I discovered that the RapidFix quick patch company makes its own branded UV light, meaning of course I had to pick one up. Picture attached allowing you to compare the size to the other UV flashlight and to a Swiss Army knife. Downsides to the RapidFix light: bulkier and not as rugged. Upsides: more configurations, more area coverage and the possibility of laying it in the gear loft of your tent to create a tanning spa on stormbound days. (OK, that last one is complete speculation...)
Will there be any icy pitcher of cucumber water at the spa?

Given the spa is more likely to be in operation on cold and rainy days, I was thinking some soothing herbal tea. Or, if your tastes run that way, you could hotbox, er, I mean smudge the interior of the tent with smoke from other medicinal herbs...
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Hmm, this particular flashlight model is too small. In my opinion, there is no way this flashlight will work on cloudy days because of its size.
Hmm, this particular flashlight model is too small. In my opinion, there is no way this flashlight will work on cloudy days because of its size.

Genuine question: do you have any field experience/anecdata to support that opinion?
Hmm, this particular flashlight model is too small. In my opinion, there is no way this flashlight will work on cloudy days because of its size.
The flashlight from Crappy Tire is much better, but it still is not for me. I often travel druing nighttime, mornings in cloudy areas, so I need something stronger. Usually, I have a flashlight model 800G from the vont brand with the fast recharger feature for cloudy days. In my opinion, it is one of the most comfortable models for travelling/hunting. If any of you wonder where you can buy this model, reach me in private messages, and I will send you the link to their site.